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04 March 2023 01:27:05 PM


Mysterious Voices Of an Abandoned House

04 March 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Location: An abandoned house in Singkir, Kedah.

  • Date:06/07/2012 3:35pm

These Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVPs) were captured during the visit prior to the filming of a TV show "The Paranormal Zone" for the episode "The mystery of a haunted house". Furthermore, the EVPs were arranged according to its original sequence - captured on a digital camera.

Interestingly, the EVPs suggest that a few spirits were present during the investigation. While I was suggesting a spot to put a  video camera for another investigation, a spirit asked "Who is Agus?" Agus happens to be my short name, suggesting that spirit could have remembered me since I had visited the place about four years ago prior to this particular visit. The spirit also correctly commented how many of us were present at that moment  - five persons.

Another interesting issue that was being highlighted by the spirit was, a spirit suggesting that the camera for the upcoming investigation to be outside. Furthermore, a spirit also commented about a room as well a comment saying "spoiled" - perhaps referring to a room at the roof top that actually was no longer there.

Therefore, these research findings suggest that when we make an effort to show respect and reverence towards spirits, they will equally respond accordingly. At the same time, the research findings also proved that spirits can be present during a ghost research - but are not necessarily  seen.

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