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02 March 2023 02:07:02 PM

The railway track...


Spirit Says Don't Talk During a Paranormal Investigation

02 March 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Location: Taman Tiong Railway Track, Sg. Petani, kedah

  • Date: 24/12/2007 02:25

These series of EVPs were recorded next to a railway station nearby an abandoned military sentry post. Furthermore, these EVPs were extracted from a video recording.

Interestingly, the said EVPs are distinct where the first two EVPs suggest a spirit  calling another spirit by the name of 'Baharom' who may be older than him. Meanwhile, the third  EVP is a conversation between two spirits who are asking  about someone, probably me. However, the other spirit warned him not to speak. I believe that the younger spirit is a new comer to the place I'm investigating.

The railway track...


Investigation result.

February 25th, 2008 by Augustine Towonsing

EVPs recorded on a Sony DCR-TRV27E Video Recorder.

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