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Investigators on the road.

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Spirits loves to be involve with the living conversation.

26 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Location: An empty land Kg. Pelantong, Beluran, Sabah.

  • Date:14/01/2007 11:09pm

These EVPs have captured a series of statements that tells us that even spirits likes to give comments and actively involved in an investigations when we apply respect both for the living and the dead.

The interesting things would be the spirit conversation about orb photo and they do laugh at the team struggled with their digital camera and some time arguing among themselves. In fact, it is clearly noticeable that there are multiracial spirit being involved in this particular investigation.

Investigators on the road.

Investigation result.

July 07th, 2007 by Augustine Towonsing

  • Darling - 17.1kb

  • Hoi! jatuh ( Hei! its felt down) - 13.5kb

    Spirit 1: Hoi! jatuh.

    Spirit 2: Jatuh! (Felt down)

  • Saya nampak - ii gitot no - 48.5kb

    Spirit 1: Saya nampak kau sibuk ( I see your are busy)

    Spirit 2: Hmm.

    Spirit 3: Ii Gitot no. ( The only one is Gitot)

  • Kan? Nick! - Cepat bah itu - Quick - 34.1kb

    Investigator 1: Kan Nick ( Right? Nick!)

    Investigator 2: Cepat bah itu (that's very fast)

    Spirit 1: Quick ( At the same time the spirit letting out a laugh)

  • Kau menang! ( You win! ) - 10.3kb

  • Kongoi mama'd hiti - (Mom will be coming here) - 13.5kb

  • Masuk di gaung - Jadi - pup! pup! Smash - 59.4kb

    Investigator - Masuk di gaung ( Going into the deep valley)

    Spirit 1 : Jadi... ( So, then... )

    Spirit 2 : Smash! ( Most probably explaining with action and said smash ).

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