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02 March 2023 04:33:27 PM

Glowing ghost orb.


Spirits Recognize Us And Aware Of What We Are Doing

02 March 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Location: An empty land Kg. Pelantong, Beluran, Sabah.

  • Date:19/01/2007 11:23pm

These EVPs the research finding of The Malaysian Ghost Research Paranormal Investigators Team which is based in Sabah over 1000 Kilometres away from where I stay proved that the spirit of the dead aware what I was doing and seems that the know me. However, the information that they have somehow not true that as much its give us more information that the dead retain their intelligence and nothing much change in their personality accept they have no physical body.

According to the spirit, they assume that I had joined the London Group whereas I joined the International Ghost Hunters Society which based in US. Therefore, this is prove that spirit have a little knowledge to certain truth and their knowledge indeed seem limited.

Glowing ghost orb.

Investigation result.

July 07th, 2007 by Augustine Towonsing

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