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Private home.


The Parallel World Citizen's Culture

27 February 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Location: Private Home, Sg. Petani, kedah

  • Date: 28/09/2007 00:08

These series of EVPs  were recorded from our home during the full moon together with a very active Earth's geomagnetic field forecasted  as high as 40%  by based on the  NOAA space weather forecast.

There wasn't much information that make sense in these EVPs except for the last two EVPs that showed how kind one of the spirit was in having the courtesy to invite someone to have a drink. In fact, the EVP suggests that the spirit who had invited  someone for a drink sounded like an old man who still followed the culture of the older generation in that a guest will be invited to have a cup of coffee.

The last EVP suggests that a female spirit was displaying courtesy  by asking  the old man politely to let her pass in front of him. Therefore, these particular EVPs  have given us a chance to see that culture does survive the death process.

However, I believe that these EVPs do not come from earth bound spirits, but on the contrary belong to spirits who have already crossed over to the spirit world. They call my wife's name to show that they are aware of the presence of the living.

Private home.

Investigation result.

February 29th, 2008 by Augustine Towonsing

EVPs recorded on a Sony ICD-B310F Digital Recorder.

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