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Man among women.


Apparition of a Man Among Women

19 December 2022  by Augustine Towonsing

Liz said "Hello, This is Liz Of P.P.I. Paranormal. I just wanted to let you know I think your site is one of the Better ones out there. I am sending you this picture of a mans head, but this picture was taken at a home we were doing an investigation in. And there was only woman on our team this night. So does this prove life after death? I think so. let us know what you think. This man was just sitting in the middle between 2 members while we were doing a sit down. What more could anyone ask for?..."

Based on Liz's information, this photo was taken during their investigations in a home. Furthermore, she said the investigators were  only women. Therefore, the man who is sitting in between the two investigators in the zoomed photo above are believed to be a man's ghost.

Unfortunately, this photo which I received from Liz can't be explained much due to some limitations. First of all, this photo contains high noise that makes it difficult to see details that  may help to explain further about the man mentioned.

However, I believe that based on Liz's information the man's figure mentioned is a man's ghost. The zoomed photo shows only the head part that can be seen clearly. Meanwhile, his body is covered or cannot be seen, since the space in-between the two investigators are dark. The only things that confirms the man's figure to be a ghost is 'his' behaviour which is strange. If we look at the investigators, most of them have their hands in front  of them, showing that they are busy doing something, unlike the man whose 'hands' are 'missing', proving that he is not part of the investigators, but rather just a listener or an observer instead. Therefore, this strange behaviour may explain that this man is not an ordinary human being.

Based on our own experiences, it proves that when we practice respect both for the living and the dead, we realize the spirits of dead always have interests in participating in our investigations which in turn brings about success to the investigations.

Liz' team investigators.

Man among women.

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