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Strike of light


Bukit Gantang Tunnel Mystery

14 January 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Date: 22/01/2009 04:13 am

  • Location : Bukit Gantang, Perak.

These photos were sent by Dick Potts at dickp(at)hotmail(dot)com. He says:

"Hi there I saw your web site as I was trying to research Malaysian ghosts the reason been, we are currently working on the double track rail project in and around Taiping. Especially in the Bukit Gantang and Padang Rengas area. Since night working started on our tunnel there have been reports of paranormal activity in the area especially between 3.00am to 5.00 am, as we are located right next to the existing north south railway track, and directly opposite an old tunnel built in 1875. People have seen ghost type figures on the site and on the railway track entering the existing tunnel,, anyway to cut to the chase heres two pics that were taken on site 4.13 am in the morning as we were due to blast our tunnel and we couldn't nothing was wrong but theses pics were taken at the time we were ready to blast see what you think there is a distinct face in the bottom right hand corner of both pics,,,,thanks"

Bukit Gantang tunnel.

Strike of light

The Analysis.

February 04th, 2009 by Augustine Towonsing

Greetings in peace, love and light. First of all, the white anomaly which is floating at the right hand side of both pictures may have appeared to be that of a person's head, but unfortunately, it is doubtfully paranormal evidence and only can be regarded as dust.

Nevertheless, solid evidence of the presence of paranormal activity that captures the presence of ghost energy is seen in the form of a light strike. Therefore, though the first photo did not capture anything yet the second photo had captured ghost energy represented by light.

Further analysis shows that the light strike smears in a few directions from its light source that proves the presence of intelligence, unlike a strike that is caused by a hand shake which will result in light strike in only one direction from the light source according to where the hand moves. Yet, in this case the strike that seems to travel in many directions proves that the light is indeed ghost energy.

Further communication through a mobile phone and a few more e-mail has given further clarification that Dick says:

"Hi the pics were taken on a 7.1 pixel digital camera, and initially they were a lot darker, I put them on my pc and used Microsoft picture it to adjust the brightness and contrast automatically that's when more detail could be seen, the light that's visible in the pics was not visible when the pics were taken, and the cameras flash was not selected as the job site was pretty well lit, i was standing behind my colleague when he snapped the pics and nothing at all was visible. but another strange thing is, that when we blast our tunnel we put a vibrometer in the old existing tunnel to monitor any excessive vibration its basically a portable seismograph. Any way this machine was set and like i said before we could not blast, so while we were checking for the problem something went past the vibrometer at 4.10 am causing a reading of 2.0 but there was nothing in the old tunnel at the time, when we did blast at 4.15 am and we went to check the machine we were amazed to see two readings one at 4.10 am and one at 4.15 am at the time of blasting the blasting reading was 1.6, so as you can imagine what ever passed the vibrometer at 4.10 it created a bigger vibration than 525kg of explosive, and at 4.13 the two pics were snapped so your guess is as good as mine. But between 3.00am and 5.00 am none of our supervisors or workers will travel off the site by motor bike as a few of them swear at one point on the old site road while there travelling by bike that there convinced some one is sitting behind them for at least a 100 meters while they pass a very old Chinese burial spot. So I don't know, but there have been lots of sightings and one security guard swears that one morning around 3.30 am while he had dozed of something flung open his security hut door and violently shook him, he will not work night shift anymore, So like I said I don't know what's in that area but the whole area has a definite weird feel to it between 3.00 am and 5.00 am"

Before being able to provide any scientific explanation, the researcher had to clarify a few things with Dick Potts through questions such as:

1. What is the amount of explosive if the vibrometer's reading is 1.6?
2. Can you please specify the reading type for this vibrometer, for example temperature is in degrees Celsius and for vibrometer is ...?
3. What is the standard vibrometer's reading for normal use especially in constructions?
4. Can you please provide me the specific name for the vibrometer that used in the double tracking construction?

Further scientific explanation:-

"Hi my friend sorry for late reply. to fully answer your question, to get a reading of 1.6 on our vibro meter we use approx 725kg of hard explosive in granite rock. to explain further the vibro meter measures what we call PPV which is peak particle velocity this is used world wide as a measure for earth quakes and such anomalies, ppv is the shock wave created by vibration of any kind, and when i say this it will register a 5 cent piece being dropped 10 meters from the machine so very very sensitive. if you can imagine a 1 kg stone dropped into a pool of water and you watch the ripples this comes close to the shock wave syndrome. but our machine measures east south north west and horizontal vertical in all scenarios also it measures decibels of sound associated with the said blast. I could totally explain the PPV science but I think for your application its better you research your self as the machines we use are approx 50,000 Ringgit in cost not cheap, any way again no light visible at the time of the snap but a very highly charged atmosphere around the said area. I have to really come to the conclusion that its not just that particular area in the photo graph that sports an energy form but that the whole area is a focal point for a lot more different energy phenomena than we may think,, any way hope it helps with your studies   Cheers   Dick"

The Conclusion.

February 04th, 2009 by Augustine Towonsing

Based on the scientific explanation by Dick that the vibrometer reading during the blasting is 1.6 that was conducted at 4.15am, and yet there was another reading recorded at 4.10 am with the reading of 2.0 and 3 minutes later, the photos above captured confirmed the existence of paranormal activity.

Interestingly, this event not only proves the existence of paranormal activity in the above-mentioned area, but has also scientifically confirmed and proven that the citizens of a higher dimension vibrate with low density at high rates. In fact, this discovery opens a new dimension and possibility to research paranormal activity using a vibrometer.

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