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Enhance energy force manifestation of egypt.

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Green ghost energy.

26 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

Date: 25/11/2011

Time : 1.09 pm


Camera Model : NIKON D5000

F/Stop : f/5.6

Exposure Time: 1/2000 sec.

ISO Speed : ISO-220

Exposure Bias : 0 Step

Focal Length : 300mm

Max aperture : 5

Metering Mode : Pattern

Flash Mode : No Flash, auto

These photo were sent by Lao Garfield Eulaerts she says " This picture were taken during my friend's trip to Egypt to Luxor. In this picture, she took a picture of the housing area near Ankhesenamun tomb area. She was shocked yesterday noon when she showed me her pictures of her trip and we found the black smokey strip in the picture. Is this picture questionable? "

First of all, the photos below are genuine with its information still intact with the photos as above details. In the photo below shows a slight dark brownish vortex which is the top part appeared to be solid and become faded at the bottom. Furthermore, to determine whether this photo is questionable or not we need to analyse it in dept.

Ankesenamun tomb area in Egypt.

Energy force manifestation captured from Ankhesenamun Tomb area.

Image credit: Lao Garfield Eulaerts.

Egypt energy manifestation.

The bottom parts of the anomaly seems to be faded...

Enhance energy force manifestation of egypt.

The enhance image suggest a shape of a female body-like.

Further analysis, based on the zoom photo suggest that this photo has recorded an intelligence energy force manifestation. The bottom parts of the anomaly seems to be faded.  Interestingly, the enhance image has reveal even more interesting fact that the vortex appear to be body-like shape of a female. Furthermore, it is noticeable as well the surrounding of the image has some kind of energy vibration suggesting that this vortex indeed an intelligence energy manifestation.

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