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Ghost manifestation.


Ghost Manifestation In the Form Of Ecto-mist

11 February 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

Date : 25th September 2009, 12:35 pm

Location : Taman Tiong, Sungai Petani.

These photo were taken from a video recording's frames that has recorded ghost energy patterns.

Interestingly, most people suggest that what was recorded in the video actually an insect. However, in these sequence images that taken from the video recording's frames shows that the anomaly show no distinct physical appearance but instead its appearance that able to discharged energy is some kind of intelligence that an insect do not poses. Furthermore, the images show there are no distinct physical substance that reflects the IR light. In fact, the said anomaly can be considered just in front of the video camera yet its distinct physical substance that can be associated with insect cannot be detected as most insects flaps its wing during flight.

Hence, when an insect fly in front of a video camera at once we will see the wings action that creates some kind of image which is a long contrail with zigzags effects its edge and if its fly near the source of light such as IR light  then its physical body will reflects the IR light  prove that the anomaly has physical substance.

Although many people hoping to see ghost in humanoid appearance yet the truth is the spirit in the wild suggest that they have adopted their own freewill in movements yet at the same times they are able to appear in humanoid appearance that further suggest that human intelligence survive death.

Ghost appearance in the form of mist.

Ghost manifestation.

Ghost energy pattern.

Faded ghost orb in motion.

A beautiful formation of ghost energy.


Ghost orb in motion burst...

A formation of ghost energy.

Ghost orb in motion.

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