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17 December 2022 01:50:49 PM

Glowing ghost orb.


Glowing Sarawak Ghost Orb

17 December 2022  by Augustine Towonsing

Date: 12/09/2006 9:54pm

Location: Kuching, Sarawak

Camera Brand : Sony DSC-F828

ISO : ISO-64

Expose Time : 1/30 seconds

F-Stop : f/2

This ghost orb was sent by Paul of from Kuching, Sarawak. He said that he took this picture at about 9.45 p.m (The actual time printed is 9.54pm) at his house backyard  and wondered if this was an orb generated by the spirit.

I believe that this orb is generated by the spirit entity. Environmental orbs are normally transparent, with no contrails behind them, have no substance and sometimes may have something like a face within it. However the zoomed photo suggests that this orb emits its own light source and releases some energy which makes its surrounding become blur. The released energy around the orb suggests the phases of the spirit changing its configuration into another phase called ectoplasm.

Sarawak ghost orb.

Glowing ghost orb.

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