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Green ghost energy.

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Green ghost energy.

26 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

Date: 29/10/2011

Time : 8.49 pm

Camera Maker : FUJIFILM

Camera Model : FinePix JX300

F/Stop : f/2.6

Exposure Time: 1/15 sec.

ISO Speed : ISO-100

Exposure Bias : 0 Step

Focal Length : 5mm

Max aperture : 2.76

Metering Mode : Pattern

Flash Mode : Flash, auto

These photo were sent by lucandsharon at she says "...when I took these pictures...I did not notice the green stuff on the screen....I wonder if you are able to see it more clearly than me"

First of all, the photos below are genuine with its information still intact with the photos such as above details. The first photo shows a faint green light start to appear and become more prominent in the second photo that the photo were captured only in difference of 2 to 5 seconds 

Ghost green energy start to appear.

It is noticeable a slight green light appear...

Image credit: lucandsharon at hotmail (dot) com.

Ghost green energy radiates own light source.

More prominent light source become more visible.

Image credit: lucandsharon at hotmail (dot) com.

Green ghost energy.

Based on the characteristic of the green energy it is not related to locals lights since it is dimmer compared to domestic light.

Therefore, for further analysis the researcher had zoomed and found an interesting phenomenon within the green light which is; although the green light is appeared to prominent yet it generate its own light sources. One might think that the green light must be a lantern. Nonetheless, it is not as for a lantern will shows a bright light. However, in this case the green light is appeared to be prominent yet the light is not glaring that  indeed  ghost energy related phenomenon.

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