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Hendersonville Overlapping Dimension

16 December 2022  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Date : Unknown

  • Location : Hendersonville, TN

This photo was forwarded  by Arwin John, CGR, CPC, CEVPR, CI of Malaysian Paranormal Research.

Theresa said:

" This picture was taken on a cell phone.  While my husband and I were visiting his my in Hendersonville, TN, he was checking out his mother's new cell phone and accidentally took the picture. We did not know that he took a picture.  Days later, after returning to Charleston, WV, his mother called all excited and nervous.

 I am walking up the stairs in the picture. My face was looking up the stairs. There is another woman's face on the side of my head. Also, it appears to be a big black rubber glove over this face.  Below on the left is a man's face with red lips. His hands are pointed up with real long fingers and what appears to be a gold cord or rope around his wrist.  I am curious to what you think about the picture."


Explanations of this photo.

April 18th, 2008 by Augustine Towonsing

The first photo is the original photo while the rest of it are zoomed photos for evaluation purposes. Interestingly,  one might at a glance say that this photo is nothing more than a spoilt image as a result of a slow shutter camera. However, closed examination suggests that this photo is not due to a slow shutter camera but has captured parallel dimensions that has overlapped into our domain. This photo has captured at least 2 men and a woman who are from other dimensions.

Further analysis finds that the blurring images of this photo takes place at the bottom part of the photo while the ceiling is perfect without blurring or streaks. Therefore, this suggests that the abnormal images captured are paranormal in nature.

Theresa said that she was looking down at the stairs yet another woman's face appeared in the photo. The first zoomed photo suggest that the said woman has long hair and appeared to be looking at Therese.

The second zoomed photo had captured two gentleman. Unfortunately, the image of the man on the left hand side is not fully formed, yet the hand can clearly be seen to be  holding something.

Meanwhile, the third zoomed photo has captured a man wearing a kind of robe. Interestingly, the figure appeared to be solid accept for the face that looks blur.

The last zoomed photo shows an interesting phenomenon  whereby the stairs railing has become double, suggesting the appearance of another railing. As  mentioned earlier, this blurring is not caused by a slow shutter but is caused by an overlapping dimension. In fact, this photo may also tie in with the belief of a duplicate world theory.

Private home.,

The starecase.

Overlapping 1.

The details.

The details 2.

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