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10 February 2023 09:01:19 AM

Zoom of Jeniang ghost supercharged orb.


Jeniang Ghost Supercharged Orbs

10 February 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Location : Batu 17, Jalan Jeniang.

  • Date : 13/05/2006 1:08am

This picture is the picture I snapped where some of the Prefect Leadership course participants claimed that they felt uneasy when they walked through this area. This picture snapped about 1.08 AM is believed to have captured the spirits' existence which we call 'ghost supercharged orb'.

Main while, the other picture is the zoomed picture showing streaks of lights which are believed to be generated by the spirit entity. These orbs move at high speed leaving contrails behind and these are not streaks caused by the shaking of the camera because these orbs moving from where there is no light sources. Furthermore, these orbs in motion emit their own light unlike the environmental orb

Lanscape of Jeniang ghost supercharged orb.

Zoom of Jeniang ghost supercharged orb.

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