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Dimensional shift.


Kota kinabalu Dimensional Shift

15 December 2022  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Date : 12th Jun, 2006 7:54pm.

  • Location : Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

This photo was sent by Mary Sintoh at msintoh (at) from Kota Kinabalu, Sabah.

According to her, this photo of her daughter was captured by her son in her bed room using a digital camera Nikon Coolpix E5200 5.1 mega pixels and she wonders if the photo has captured a paranormal event.

At a glance one might mistake this photo to be the result of camera shake. However, further analysis suggests that an overlapping image in this photo is not due to  camera shake or ghost activity but rather, it has captured an overlapping dimension. Since we have only one physical body, therefore a camera shake will either smear our image to become blur or totally disappear. In fact, digital camera do not allow double expose image since its CMOS only used once before the next use. Furthermore, a digital camera does not use film that may cause an overlapping image. Interestingly, both faces in this photo are not blur nor smeared.

It is noticeable that the faces in this photo are not identical. Close examination, suggests that the lower face looks older than the face that is overlapping it. In fact, the way how the both of them are smiling is also different. Furthermore the shape of their faces is also different, in that the face which is lower appears broader, while the overlapping face appears more oval.

However, regardless of their face difference, both are actually related. This overlapping dimension has put together what most paranormal researchers believed to be a person's duplicate. However, I believe that the duplicate mentioned is actually one inner soul that is projected out for certain reasons. In this case, the face difference may suggest a person's spiritual maturity. Our physical body may look older but our inner soul which may look young explains that a person's maturity is also less on the spiritual side .

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