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Ghost spirit energy.


Kuala Lumpur Spirit Energy in Mist Form

10 February 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Date : 07/04/2008 04:47

  • Location : Kuala Lumpur

These photos were sent by Arwin John, CGR, CPC, CEVPR, CI of Malaysian Paranormal Research. He said ...

"This picture has produced white coloured effect. I have arranger those pictures followed by seconds different.

Each photo was different shaped by seconds only and therefore I believe there that could be no way because my camera was cold cause it was just next to my CPU which is in room temperature. The good thing was I felt like want to take some pictures all of sudden and this things appeared. The first photo is just by 2 seconds difference before I took the second picture followed by the last picture which is 4 seconds difference before I took the picture where all the white thing is gone. I tried to take several pictures after that but failed to get so. Please let me know if it is what I think it is or maybe its because of weather changes or other non paranormal conflicts."

Thanks to Arwin John of the Malaysian Paranormal Research for his great photos.

Explanations of these photos.

April 09, 2008 by Augustine Towonsing

The whitest mist captured in the photo is not related to any environmental temperature change but is due to the presence of a spirit. The sequence of the photos suggests that the mysterious mist was only present at the front yard of the house while the surroundings still looked normal even without the said mist.

Furthermore, the whitest mist was not generated by light reflections since the last 2 photos prove that there were no mysterious mist captured in the photo. The last two photos were put together  for comparison purposes only. Those photos taken were only separated within few seconds, yet the mysterious mist was still present. Interestingly, the source of the mysterious mist which was finally captured in the 9th photo appeared to be a bright white energy generated by the spirit.

It is noticeable that the intensity of the said mist which is actually a kind of an ectoplasm energy generated by the spirit entity became more prominent in the 8th photo which revealed a bright energy being released. In fact, it is noticeable that the intensity of the energy which is being radiated  from a mass energy appeared to be fined dots, unlike the environmental mist related to the temperature changes which would  appear as overlapping orbs or water droplets.

Mist appearance.

Mist appearance getting prominent.

Enegy getting more prominent.

Energy spread out.

White mist spreading...

White layer...

White energy...

Ghost spirit energy.


Return normal.

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