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15 December 2022 11:54:14 AM

Mysterious figure.


Modenas Signboard Ghost Apparitions

15 December 2022  by Augustine Towonsing

This photo is from Heng Soo Teng of Gurun, Kedah. According to her, at the time this picture was about to be captured (around 4.30 p.m) there was no one around in the area.

Clearly this picture had captured ghost apparitions. Zoomed picture No. 1 suggests that there is a face and close examination suggests that the man's hair on the right had been shaved. Furthermore, his left eyebrow looked injured or swollen.

Meanwhile, Zoomed picture Number 2 shows a man wearing a helmet, and his height is most probably around 3 1/2 feet or less. However, the suit he wore is uncommon these days suggesting that this man probably came from the colonial days. Ghost are everywhere day or night.

Modenas signboard.

Mysterious head over the signboard.

Mysterious figure.

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