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15 December 2022 12:01:20 PM

A mysterious fingers.


Mysterious Baby and Greenish Fingers Apparitions

15 December 2022  by Augustine Towonsing

This is the photo of my youngest daughter which was captured at about 10.30 a.m at our house, and it is believed to have captured  a mysterious face of another baby and apparition of fingers. Prior to the photo being captured, my daughter was suddenly crying for no reason when she entered the study. So to pacify her, since I was holding my camera, I called her towards me and while she was crawling I took a photo of her.  

Zoomed photo Number 1 shows the face of a baby looking downwards. It is my opinion by looking at the mysterious baby face that the baby was most probably a baby boy.

Meanwhile zoomed photo Number 2 shows an apparition of fingers. Close examination suggests that these fingers most probably belong to a spirit since no one was holding the baby. It is noticeable that the fingers are transparent and the fingers become double suggesting that the hands were moving.

I realize that spirit activities become more intense when geomagnetic fields are at their peak and I know this for a fact because I was able to see spirits passing by me. There is no need to be scared as long as we understand their existence.

To examine a paranormal photo, you must have keen eyes for detail and be more observant. Otherwise, you will lose information that may explain the nature of what you have captured. For example in the photo above, if you are not observant enough, you will not see the figure of the baby.

My kid.

A mysterious baby.

A mysterious fingers.

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