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The mysterious figures.

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Mysterious figures of SMK Gurun.

26 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

Date: 18/08/2006 4:11am

Location: Smk Gurun, Kedah Darul Aman.

This picture captured at about 4.11 a.m is believed to have captured ghost apparitions. I personally witnessed these apparitions where the man in black was walking extremely very slowly as though he could not move. Moreover, I didn't see the smaller figure (the one holding a torch) at the time I captured this photo. It is noticeable that the smaller figure was wearing a long suit which is an uncommon sight nowadays.

After I snapped this photo, I walked towards the stairs and I could see this figure. However, when I reached the bottom of the stairs and looked at the figure mentioned, the mysterious figure  had disappeared. Judging from the way the mysterious figure walked, it should be only  half way at the open area. Since the figure just banished like that, I strongly believe that those figures most probably are the citizens of the spirit realm.

The mysterious apparitions.

The original photo.

The mysterious figures.

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