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The clear ghost face


Mysterious Ghost Face

15 December 2022  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Date: 23/10/2011

  • Time : 5.07 pm

  • Camera Maker : FUJIFILM

  • Camera Model : FinePix JX300

  • F/Stop : f/6.2

  • Exposure Time: 1/250 sec.

  • ISO Speed : ISO-400

  • Exposure Bias : 0 Step

  • Focal Length : 25mm

  • Max aperture : 2.76

  • Metering Mode : Pattern

  • Flash Mode : No Flash, auto

These photo were sent by lucandsharon at she says "these are the couple of pictures I took last weekend when I went for a walk with my son in the park. Honestly, I noticed something purple seemed to whished and whoosed passed the lens each time I tried to take some pictures...these 3 particular pictures, when I was about to click it, my camera went buzzed for a short second...and I noticed too something purple flew by...but there were no other humans near enough to distort these pictures because it was already almost 6 pm that evening...we were in the park for a good 4 hour and a half that day... Is it some anomaly? Is it harmful to my son or my family?"

First of all, the photos below are genuine with its information still intact with the photos such as above. Yes, the photo has captured an anomaly a red energy generated from by an entity. In fact, the first photo below was captured  at 3.45 pm and the last two photos were captured  at 5.07pm which is only in few seconds different.

The first photo can be mistaken to be a lens flare yet it is not because the sun rays has to hit the lens directly in order for it to create a lens flare. Hence, the second and the last photo show an interesting phenomenon which is the anomaly seem like a bubble and solid and same goes with the last photo. 

Red ghost energy

Ghost face

Slight ghost face

Therefore, for further analysis the researcher had zoom the said photo and the zoomed photo had further gives an extra detail which appeared to be a face that was caught in motion proof that it is not a lens flare but rather ghost energy that representing the present spirit of the dead.

It is often that the spirit of the dead captured on film on certain occasions that gives us an opportunity to realise that a family members, friends and loves one whom crossed over to the spirit world may still return to the physical world just to make sure that the living can cope with their life. Furthermore, to capture ghost in a film is not a curse but perhaps a blessing to gives us personal realisation that there are hopes that we survive the death process and continue to live at the higher of spiritual consciousness and merged with the source of life.

The clear ghost face

The face the second phase.

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