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09 February 2023 08:23:17 PM

Ghost meeting lights.


Mysterious Lights Within the Dark Cemetery

09 February 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Date: 15/03/2006 09:27pm

  • Location : Country Chinese Cemetery, Sungai Petani, Kedah

The pictures above are believed to had captured the mysterious bright lights generated by the spirit reflected from the bushes within the cemetery.

Those pictures  was zoomed till 416% showing the mysterious lights reflected within the bushes where there is nothing that can reflect back the light from the camera, and when this picture was about to be taken, there was no visible light could be seen accept the darkness within the cemetery.

Among the pictures above, one of them is an example of the tombstones. Where as most of the tombstones within the cemetery are made from ordinary concrete or they are graves without tombstone. Therefore, the researcher believe that these mysterious bright light are the light that are most probably generated by the spirit and not the reflection from any smooth surfaces but instead something which emits lights on its own. It’s clear that there is something behind the bushes emitting powerful light and it cannot be the reflection from any smooth surface but instead  the researcher strongly believe that these light are the light which are emitted by the spirit.

The cemetery.

Bright light.

Red energy.

The dark cemetery.

Bright light.

Chinese cemetery.

Bright light.

Tomb stone.

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