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Ghost ecto.

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Pelantong christmas carol ghost ecto.

26 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

Date: 10/12/2011

Time : 8.19 pm

Camera Maker : SONY

Camera Model : DSC-W170

F/Stop : f/53.3

Exposure Time: 1/30 sec.

ISO Speed : ISO-400

Exposure Bias : 0 Step

Focal Length : 5 mm

Max aperture : 3.4375

Metering Mode : Pattern

Flash Mode : Flash, auto, strobe retun

This photo was captured by my daughter [ Kimberley ] after their Christmas carol near an abandoned bus stand. It is noticeable that this ghost energy always has its remarkable characteristic which  is it has the uneven energy distribution trademark that can be seen some spots has a ticker 'smoke' due to the energy being release-assemble. Unlike the natural smoke that always has it even distribution of trademark.

Ghost ecto.

Some time ghost appearance represented by energy in the form of ghost ecto.

Furthermore, if it captured in video recording one would see a white mist form and discharge an instantly.

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