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14 December 2022 03:52:07 PM

Glowing ghost orb.


Perak Ghost Orb Radiating Yellow Orange Energy

14 December 2022  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Investigation Date : 10/12/2007 9:59 pm

  • Location : Taman Lapangan Indah, Ipoh Perak

  • Received from : Malaysian Paranormal Ghost Hunting Team - Arwin John

These photos were sent by Arwin John, CGR, CPI - founder of the Malaysian Paranormal Ghost Hunting Team based in Perak. He is a newly certified ghost researcher and paranormal investigator by the International Ghost Hunters Society.

The first photo has captured a glowing spirit energy in the form of a ghost orb which is radiating a bright light. According to Arwin, this photo was captured after he spotted a cool spot  which was 20 degrees Celsius from the ambient temperature using an IR Thermometer.

It is noticeable that the said ghost orb is radiating orange energy. Meanwhile, the second photo is for comparison purposes to show that the light wasn't a result of reflection from any kind of reflector since the front wheel of the bicycle has no reflectors.

A guy on a bycle.

Glowing ghost orb.

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