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Sandakan Dimensional Shift

13 December 2022  by Augustine Towonsing

These ghost photos were sent by Jerome of Beluran. According to him, these photos were taken in Sandakan, Sabah during his National Service programme.

At first glance these photos are not due to camera shake because there are no streaks but these photos have captured the parallel dimension that overlaps on the physical world.

Photo Number 1 is the original photo that suggests that there was enough lighting to captured the photo and interestingly, the orange colour appears. However, close examination on this photo suggests that the orange colour is actually an energy that is starting to form apparitions.

We have only one physical body, therefore if camera shake had taken place when the photo was taken, the images would naturally become blur and the person would also become double or disappear.

Photo Number  2 shows another face which appears but looking towards a different direction. However, I believe that the new face which appeared next to the young girl in the centre is her duplicate.

Meanwhile, Photo Number 3 shows that the 3 girls appear to have no blurring on their images. But, interestingly there are blur faces which appeared next to some of them. Close examination suggests that these new faces are blurred due to not enough energy to form the apparitions.

However, Photos Numbers 4 and 5 show a kind of energy being released. Close examinations suggests that this orange colour is not due to camera shake nor that it comes from any domestic light sources.

In my opinion,  Photos Numbers 4 and 5 might suggest that in the parallel world the person who is lying on the stretcher might really be  in trouble.

Sandakan dimensional shift.

Overlapping faces.

Overlapping faces.

Dimensional shift...

Dimensional fire...

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