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Jungle track.

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Singkir ghost orbs and ecto balls.

24 June 2016  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Date Taken : 17/04/2007 11:11pm

  • Location : Singkir, Kedah.

These photos were taken on the jungle track where I had captured the presence of multitudes of spirits back in April 17, 2007 at 11.11 pm. The first photo shows ghost orbs floating on the track which I had captured after I heard like someone passing by. Notice that, these orbs were radiating some kind of energy that made their appearance blurry.

Meanwhile the other photo had captured a ghost ecto ball. It is noticeable that this ghost ecto ball looks round, while radiating some kind of energy. If we compare these zoomed photos with what that had been captured on video recording, it is confirmed that this ghost ecto ball is able to change its configuration patterns.

Jungle track.

Ghost orb.

Ghost orb.

Nigth walkers.

Ghost ecto ball.

Night walkers.

Ghost ecto ball.

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