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Cemetery ghost supercharged orb


Sungai Layar Cemetery Colourful Ghost Supercharged Orbs

13 December 2022  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Location: Sungai Layar Cemetery, Sungai Petani.

  • Date:25/06/2005 11:30pm

These photos of ghost supercharged orbs were the first batch of the paranormal photos that I had captured in the year 2005 and was the first attempt for solo paranormal and ghost research in a cemetery.

Cemetery ghost supercharged orb

Cemetery Ghost supercharged orb

Cemetery ghost supercharged orb

Film Negative

December 17th, 2006 by Augustine Towonsing

These photos below are the photos of a film negative for the purpose to prove that those photos above are not manipulated in anyway.

Negative photo...

Negative photo...

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