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Mysterious duplicate.


The Reality of One Possible Duplicate

13 December 2022  by Augustine Towonsing

The photo is believed to have captured the partial figure of a pregnant woman in the background of the photo of my three kids, whom I think is possibly my wife’s duplicate. The reason I say that the figure is most probably my wife’s duplicate is because the figure looks like my wife when she was pregnant. Furthermore, we only have three children as my wife had both her fallopian tubes tied up after the third child, whom you can see at the right most corner in the photo.

Ever since our third child was born, my wife had never worn any pregnancy attire, as opposed to the figure at the background of the photo wearing pregnancy attire. Furthermore, this picture was captured prior to my family going to church for Mass, where which my wife is always clad in T-
shirt and jeans.

Possible Duplicate


What I would like to suggest is that, the figure of the woman in the background of my children’s close-up, even though the head and legs are not seen, exactly resembles my wife during pregnancy. But if anyone were to suggest that the figure of the woman is actually my wife in reality, I won’t agree because the figure of the woman was pregnant and was wearing pregnancy attire, and from the look of it, she was at the stage of advanced pregnancy judging from the shape of her womb that fell downwards which exactly looked like my wife during her advanced stage of pregnancy.
But should anyone suggest that the figure of the mentioned woman is a ghost I also won’t agree, because this figure mentioned resembles my wife in reality when she (my wife) was pregnant.
However, there is a strong fact that makes the mentioned figure different from my wife in reality. The woman mentioned wears pregnancy attire whereas my wife, ever since the third childbirth in 2004, does not - at that point in time.



Therefore, my conclusion is, the figure of the woman with no head nor legs seen still looks like my existing wife, but the only thing which shows her not to be my said wife is in the attire she wears and her pregnant state. Furthermore, I believe that this phenomenon has no explanation - unless we return to believe in the parallel world concept where we believe in the existence of one’s duplicate.

My wife duplicate.

Mysterious duplicate.

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