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25 January 2023 08:21:46 PM

Ghost cloud energy.


Unique Appearances of Spiritual Energy

25 January 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

  • Investigation Date : January - February 2014.

  • Received from : GHT

These photos show an interesting phenomenon of light balls energy in the form of overlapping orbs. Indeed,  some of us may think that these orbs are just dust or dirt stuck on the camera lens but cleaning such lens prior and after any paranormal investigation is one of the ghost standards and protocols. Furthermore, before one becomes a paranormal photographer one may also have learnt the basics of photography.

Nonetheless, having mastered photography doesn't guarantee being equally good at paranormal photography, as being a paranormal photographer is far more challenging.

At a glance, one may say that those anomaly captured in these photos may be environmentally related phenomenon. However, energy that manifests into reality most of the time would be seen in terms of dots, and when these anomaly are too close to the lens, they would appear to be in clusters of overlapping orbs, but at the same time the orb surroundings would be filled up with some kinds of layer in the form of dots representing a layer of energy.

Green ghost orbs...

Ghost ecto ball.

Ghost cloud energy.

Ghost orb energy.

Ghost ecto.

Overlaps orbs.

Ghost energy in the house.

Overlaps ghost orbs,

Jungle ghost orb in motion.

Ghost energy.

Hall ghost orb.

Green and white ghost energy.

Green cloud energy.

Thick substance of energy.

Ghost energy in the roadside.

The forming of ghost energy.

Green ghost orb.

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