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13 December 2022 04:59:23 PM

EVP searching for Agus.


Evps of Spirits Searching for Agus.

13 December 2022 by Augustine Towonsing

  • Recording Date: 25/05/2007 12:52am

  • Location : Abandoned Teacher's Quarters, Smk Gurun, Kedah.

This video recording has recorded multiple EVPS of spirits who are searching for me while I am filming the surrounding area at one of the abandoned houses. A man's voice that said 'Mana Agus?" or 'Where is Agus?' was answered by female spirit that saying 'Sana tu...' or 'Over there....' prove that we need to gain a trust from the spirit themselves during our paranormal investigation in order to archive success.

EVP searching for Agus.