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13 December 2022 05:00:16 PM

Spirit energy...


Ghost Energy Floating Still in the Air For 2 Seconds

13 December 2022 by Augustine Towonsing

  • Date: 25/09/2009 12.51am

  • Location : Taman Tiong Railway Tracks, Sungai Petani.

This video recording has recorded ghost energy in the form of ecto that  changed its appearance into more substance ecto.

Interestingly, most people suggest that what was recorded in the video actually an insect. However, the video recording shows that the anomaly show no distinct physical appearance but instead its appearance that is has the ability to transform into different kind of form instantly.

Furthermore, the anomaly instead stop still right in front of the video camera shows that the spirit aware of what in front of them. Therefore, the action that floating still for a few seconds shows a kind of intelligence that an insect do not poses. Therefore, what was recorded in the video indeed spirit of the dead.

Spirit energy...

At first glance we might tough that the video recording did not record anything. In fact, we might says that the phenomenon that was recorded in this video is just a reflection from the bonfire and nothing else.

Yet however, this video have recorded a very interesting phenomenon which is a white floating figure hovering over near a bonfire. If one to look carefully at the white apparition that is not a light reflection that come from the bonfire but indeed spirit of the dead. Furthermore, this video clip did not tempted in anyway and considered to be the evidence of the existence life afterlife.