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Into humanoid characteristic.

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Ghost supercharged orbs transform into humanoid characteristic.

26 December 2014 by

  • Recording Date: 09/06/2009 01:01am

  • Location : An Abandoned Chinese Cemetery, Sungai Petani.

Ghost caught on video...

This video is another good evidence that a supercharged orb generated by spirit entity changed its configuration instantly into humanoids characteristic as many visitors disregarded the Malaysian Ghost Research evidence in the past that what supposedly to be energy generated by spirit that seen as supercharged orb to be just an insect.

However,  we are grateful for this spirit who are willing to proves themselves  that there are not an insect but instead human intelligent in the form of unique geomagnetic field.

It is noticeable that before the spirit stays for a while in a humanoids characteristic they make a few stunts in front of the video that make no possible for a person that have no understanding and knowledge in the paranormal to figure it out. Hence, out of it one would conclude that it is nothing more than just an insect.

Nevertheless, this evidence speak for itself that the spirit themselves make it clear that they don't want to be misjudged by one especially to be associated with insect.

Into humanoid characteristic.

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