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13 December 2022 05:00:40 PM

Mysterious dark shadow.


Mysterious Dark Shadow and EVP of a Stern Voice of command

13 December 2022 by Augustine Towonsing

  • Recording Date: 25/05/2007 03:54am

  • Location : Abandoned Teachers' Quarters, Gurun, Kedah

This video recording had captured a dark shadow and a mysterious EVP. A shadow had appeared after the sound of 3 footsteps, followed by an EVP which was most probably giving instructions to me.  I was then lying down on the floor when I heard footsteps coming in that suddenly made me feel uncomfortable.

Interestingly, this video not only had recorded a dark shadow but had also recorded a man's voice that said "Bangun ( Wake up)..."  followed by a foreign language which sounded Japanese. In my opinion the tone of the voice sounded as if it was a stern command. Then, after a while another spirits said " Cikgu... ( Teacher)"  that most probably was introducing me to the other spirit (which had sounded Japanese). However, the uneasy feeling which I had felt earlier only stayed on for a while when both spirits went off, apparent from the sound of fading footsteps caught in the recording  at that time, but which I in real time, did not hear.

Therefore, this research finding proves that the human personality does survive death and by showing respect and humility towards them, they in turn will do the same to us.

Mysterious dark shadow.