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13 December 2022 05:01:56 PM

spirit says wake him up...


Spirit Says Wake Him Up

13 December 2022 by Augustine Towonsing

  • Recording Date: 25/05/2007 03:17am

  • Location : Abandoned Teachers' Quarters, Gurun, Kedah

This video recording was a recording of me sitting on a chair at a kitchen of one of the abandoned houses. I had fallen asleep for about 20 minutes before being awoken by the noise of  human conversation.

Interestingly, after I had reviewed the recording I realized that a group of spirits were trying  to search for me and they had wanted me to be awake. This recording actually was  recorded just before I recorded a dark shadow inside a master bedroom of the said abandoned house  which had sounded Japanese of which its video clip had been posted earlier.

Interestingly, through the video analysis the spirit conversation was as follows:

Spirit 1: Masuk... ( Please come in...)

Spirit 2: Mana? ( Where? ) - Probably asking about me.

Spirit 1: Ada di dapur. ( At the kitchen )

Spirit 3: Bangun? tidur? ( Awake? or asleep? )

Spirit 4: Kenapa? ( Why? )

Spirit 5: Kasih dia bangun! ( Wake him up! )

Therefore, these research findings prove that the spirits of the dead are kind if we have the courtesy to show respect and kindness towards them.

spirit says wake him up...