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13 December 2022 05:02:36 PM

Haunted school toilet...


The Haunted School Toilet

13 December 2022 by Augustine Towonsing

  • Recording Date: 14/06/2009 12:45 pm

  • Location : A public primary school in Sungai Petani.

Ghost caught on video...

This video was recorded on a 1.3mp Samsung HP by my daughter from a boys' toilet in her school after the dismissal of her school's UPSR tuition. In fact, this recording is her first ever assignment that she had carried out for she had all along wanted to prove to me that the boys' toilet in her school has been for a long time claimed to be haunted by many of her  male school mates which resulted in many of them refusing to go into the said toilet alone. My daughter therefore had for a long time kept telling me the story of the 'haunted toilet' till  I told her that I would only believe her if there was solid evidence that she could produce.

This recording was done after a group of boys had come out of the toilet after unsuccessfully trying to do some video recording using a hand phone. In fact, according to her, she had made sure that there was no one at all in the boys' toilet before she entered to do the solo video recording.  During the recording she did not see anyone but she claimed that she had heard foot steps and while she was focusing on one of the mirrors that was claimed by many boys who had gone inside the toilet alone to have seen a ghost in it, she suddenly heard one of the toilet stall doors closing by itself when there was no one there. In fact, she said that she  practically went to open the door of the particular toilet door concerned,  but she didn't find anyone in it

Interestingly when I downloaded the video into the computer and analyzed it, I found that there was a distinctive figure moving behind the door of a toilet stall on the mirror's reflection that confirmed that the toilet is indeed haunted. In fact, the analysis showed a boy in school uniform. Yet, if it was really a real boy in person, why hadn't he closed and locked the door, or come out and asked my daughter why she had came into the boys' bathroom? Another interesting observation is that the movement captured on camera was simply too fast for someone to come dashing into a toilet stall without making quite a bit of noise for my daughter to hear, when actually at that point in time she was practically rotating her camera quite fast.

Haunted school toilet...