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Spirit metaphysic...

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The spirit metaphysics of Singkir jungle.

10 June 2016 by

  • Location: Singkir, Kedah.

  • Date: 16/04/2007 11:39pm

This video recording was recorded back in April 16, 2007 at 11.39 p.m from a jungle at Singkir which has captured a few spirit, in the form of misty-cloudy energy. In fact, it  isbnoticeable that spirits will change their appearance, and discharge energy before disappearing into thin air. The sudden disappearance of the spirit that appears and disappears in thin air is to prove  that it is an anomaly related to spirit energy manifestation before man. An example in one of the spirit's appearance is,  if you look carefully at the appearance of the human figure, the spirit has the ability to change its appearance configuration into a supercharged orb after a while being seen in human-like form.

Spirit metaphysic...

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