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The Difference Between Matters And Energy Forces Manifestation

05 March 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

It seems that our thinking has been dominated by the traditional view point when it comes to view the existence of the spirit that looks human but is transparent. Hence, when we capture the spirit in the form of a ghostly orb, ectoplasm or any kind of energy pattern that is generated by the spirit that does not match the traditional point of view mentioned, we tend to conclude that those anomalies mentioned are not valid spirits that represent the existence of the spirits of the dead.

Therefore, anomaly that the ghost generates would have no physical shape that holds meaningful shape that resembles the shape that is related to the insect. Moreover, I believe that how ever tiny  an insect may be, it still holds a meaningful shape that is related to its kind. Furthermore, its shape still can be traced because of its distinct shape. This explanation also applies to the insect that is captured close to the lens that reveals the insect's own distinct shape.

Furthermore, this explanation can be easily understand based on the video clip below that is a good example of a ghost energy pattern coupled with a distinct  insect captured on video that at the same spot and distance that explain the nature differences between ghost energy and environmental related phenomenon. Moreover, for ghost energy the appearance would be changed without a meaningful shape compared to those of insects.

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