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Capturing parallel world on film.

23 June 2018 01:52:12 AM  by Augustine Towonsing

Dimensional occurrences happen all the time but we fail to understand them, due to lack of information. We may have captured more dimensional photos in the past but simply could not understand them. Furthermore, I believe that energy released by our intention may help us to open the doorway of the parallel world or perhaps create some kind of energy that may help us to see through the other dimension. The 'Understanding Dimensional Phase Displacement' (DPD) course by Dr. Dave Oester has given me more understanding about the possibilities of the duplicate world. In fact, some of us may have heard or even read about scientific beliefs about the existence of the parallel world such as mentioned by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf in his book Parallel Universes: The Search for Other Worlds and by Dr. Michio Kaku in his book Parallel Worlds: The Science of Alternative Universes And Our Future In The Cosmos.

Its the scientific beliefs that Parallel World exists.

However, something comes to my mind that even though the duplicate concept is accepted widely but still, that assumption has never been proven and therefore, when we get something that may explain or prove the assumption mentioned yet we fail to grasp the basics of the existence of the parallel world simply because the duplicate is exactly alike. Therefore, in order to analyse this kind of phenomenon we need to find details that may help to explain the phenomenon. 

My Experience

Do we really believe in the duplicate concept of the parallel world? As for me, I do. In fact, I have met my own duplicate. My real name is Augustine Towonsing but somehow Augustine's duplicate is called ‘Anthony’. As far as I am concerned, people have called me 'Anthony' at least eight times and most of them know me very well yet they have simply called me 'Anthony' unconsciously. However, when Dr. Dave Oester himself put my name as 'Anthony Towonsing', CGR, CPI, CEVP, PDP, I immediately realised that  ‘Anthony’ is most probably my duplicate which means that ‘Anthony’ and I are alike and yet have differences in certain areas, and I believe that 'Anthony' is much more advanced than myself in the paranormal field. Perhaps, our duplicate may tell us of our future and at present, I am only following the courses that ‘Anthony’ has already taken. 

What is Preventing us to understand the phenomena?

One thing that may prevent us from recognising the overlapping dimension is when it is captured on film, we tend to quickly conclude, even before thorough analysis that this dimension does not occur whenever there are double images from a same object or person. 

Possible why we do captured Dimensional photos.

I would like to point out some good reasons that may explain how the overlapping dimension may possibly be captured on film. I believe that, 90% success in capturing the paranormal may have correlation with our personality. In fact, I strongly believe that one’s high intention towards obtaining something in the future may be linked to our existence in the future dimension.  

International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) has founded the basics of positive attitude and positive thinking but through my experience, I find that our positive intention and focus during paranormal investigations must always be 100% all the time. I strongly believe that our positive energy that remains 100% focussed on the investigation will make possible for us to physically enter the parallel world that may in turn give us a big chance to capture the other dimension.

With the gift of understanding on the mind, body and soul concept we are able to attend inner peace that brings unlimited understanding on the spiritual side.

Furthermore, in my field investigation I always use the concept of MIND-BODY-SOUL. This is not a magic word but it just personal inner strength resources combined into one single resource that can help us during our investigations. This technique combines our intelligences which consist of three large resources which are the mind, physical body and inner soul. The mind plays an important role as a bridge to connect our physical body with our inner soul. Our physical body is represented by our 5 senses that will help us to understand the paranormal vision received from the senses of the inner soul, and it is our physical senses that will send the information to the brain so that it may process the said information logically. Our five senses will be unable to sense the presence of the spirit if our physical body is not connected to the inner soul because it is only the inner soul that may make contact with the spirit. Therefore, 100% concentration during field investigation plays a very important role.

Overlapping faces.

The overlapping faces was one of the best evidence that the Malaysian Ghost Research captured to proof the existence of the Parallel Worlds that was captured 23rd. October, 2005 from Bukit Hijau, Baling of Kedah.

To be connected with the Spirit World.

During field research, I first emptied my mind and fully concentrated on my field research. Then I would use my inner soul to feel the surroundings by feeling the field research situation and this time I would concentrate using my five senses to sense the spirits' presence and it is this technique which I call the Mind-Soul-Body concept where there is the possibility for us to merge our physical body with the inner soul. If we can hear somebody speak or moving around when there is no one around, see somebody or feel the air temperature change, then we would have already merged with our inner soul. That's why I prefer to conduct my field research solo where my concentration all the time remains 100%, and even though my research tools are limited, my research investigations still managed to achieve great success. Further more, I think this technique also can be easily adopted by anyone. Yet, my wide understanding of my own ability has become clearer since I took the Phase Displacement course.


Finally, my conclusion about the possibilities why we seem to have more dimensional photos now simply because we have positive attitude, positive thinking, positive visualization, remain 100% focussed on the investigation and practice the Mind-Body-Soul concept which may have created some amount of energy that allows us to physically enter the parallel world.

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