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Emotional burden: Does it exist beyond the physic mind?

27 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing

One of the most interesting things in our life is that we have full authority to determine the way how we should design our own future without limitations. Yet, at the same time, the redesigning process of the future also comes with other packages such as an emotional burden. An emotional burden is a state where we are in spiritually put in a dilemma making it impossible for us to progress in life, being stuck spiritually which brings negative impact on both the physic mind and the soul.

Burden and the surrounding.

Sometime the surrounding condition may influence our emotional state...

Therefore, the unmanageable emotional burden or grieving process that goes beyond the consciousness may lead one to think that if they take their own life they will be able to end the physic torture as well to remove the emotional burden. Yet, the question is, does the emotional burden not exist after the death process?

Our life is a miracle, yet living is a gift. In order for us to experience the miracle and the gift of life, we need to experience many stages of spiritual enrichment in our life according to the purpose of our very own spiritual journey. In that way, we experience life through our familiar five fundamental physical senses and the experiences would be stored within our spiritual life as spiritual experiences in the form of energy that we call 'memory' which is connected to the inner core of human consciousness. This pure energy holds our thoughts, feelings and experiences as a unique geomagnetic field that originates from the universe itself – the source of life.


Stressful life and the emotional burden are considered one of many difficulties that we have to master in our very own spiritual life in order for us to achieve inner peace.

Therefore, since 'memory' is in the form of energy that is attached to the inner soul, therefore it will survive during the death process. In this respect, the death process is merely a natural way for one to enter the inner sphere of life in which a person loses nothing except for their physic body. In fact, the emotional burden concept goes beyond the boundaries of the spiritual world where our memory and our emotions continue reshaping our spiritual life.

Hence, does emotional burden exist beyond the physic mind? Malaysian Ghost Research findings suggest that uncontrolled emotional burden can hold one’s spiritual progress for a long time until one realises and moves on in life, whereby every unreleased emotional burden not settled during one’s life time will be brought forward to the next life as an emotional baggage during the death process. The Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) recording as displayed by the sequence below from paranormal and ghost research conducted by Malaysian Ghost Research - gives us clues that emotional burden indeed does exist beyond death. In fact, these research findings found a secret link linking to the past, the present and the future of one’s life - simply connected to one’s memory and emotion.

         Sudah tidur - Come Down - 14.4kb

Spirit 1: Sudah tidur ( Already asleep )

Spirit 2: Come down.

         Pada mula... ( At the beginning... ) - 9.41kb

         Semenjak itu... ( Since then... ) - 14.2kb

         Di kelas tidur... ( Sleeping in class ) - 12.6kb

         Nenek... huuu ( A little boy looking for his grandmother and starting to cry) - 23.5kb

         Come down, come here - 10.4kb

         Tolong aku - Kano hiti - 23.6kb

Spirit 1: Tolong aku ( Help me )

Spirit 2: Kano hiti ( Come here)

         Masa itu ( during that time ) - 7.80kb

         I was away - 15.1kb

         Tolong simpan... ( Please don't reveal... ) - 12kb

         Malang ( Unfortunate) - 9.76kb

         Merajuk ( Sulking ) - 13.3kb

         Kau kasihan dia ( Do you pity him/her?) - 14.4kb

In fact, the research findings in ghost research suggest that physical death would not end one’s depressions - but their emotional burden would haunt one until they REALISE it, before one is able to accept it and to move on. Yet, at the same time, research findings also suggest that the key holding one’s happiness in life is as simple as to FORGIVE, FORGET AND HEAL.

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