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The paralle world's photo.

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Evaluating paranormal photo related to the parallel dimensions.

27 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing


This article I have written to answer one of the sceptic's claimed that this photo due to slow shutter camera which at least in two seconds enabled the man walked as far as five to six feet. 


Now, Let me discuss the good points about these photo in deeper explanations. The first photo below is the original photo, the second photo is a zoomed photo of the original. Meanwhile, there other two photos are for prove and comparisons purposes.

The paralle world's photo.

Slow shutter.


All the photos which mentioned in this article have been provided here.

Here are the good points for you to think about:

 The 'Paranormal Images' are smaller.

Look at the original photo; did you realize that the ‘paranormal images’ mentioned are smaller than the surrounding people? And from the second zoomed above, do you think that this ‘paranormal images’ just a small boy?

Look again at the original photo; did you realize that the ‘paranormal images’ are shorter than then the fence? The fence measured was 39 inches yet the ‘the paranormal images’ are shorter than the fence mentioned. If you are not convince that I did measure the fence please [click here]  to check out of my photo taking the measure. The measurement was done near the spot where were this ‘paranormal images’ have been captured.

We only have one physical body.

Now, look at the zoomed photo. Slow shutter do not allow a person image to be double more than 1 streak unless the person is running but if someone is running and captured on a slow shutter camera the person image will be disappeared. We have only one physical body, therefore when we are moving about the possible is we can only create not more than 1 image that would be become double. Please refer to the last photo above. This photo is the good examples of a person captured on a slow shutter camera that streak the person image become blur and disappeared and do not create more than 1 double image because we have only 1 physical body.

Understanding the basic of how human nature captured on film.

Now, lets look again at the zoomed photo. You claimed that the man is walking; If you look carefully the ‘paranormal images’ are not walking but standing still. I could not understand how you evaluate this zoomed photo to be walking state unless the man is walking backwards. If a person walking a head than the blurring images should be at the back not in front. Therefore, the blurring images are not the images from the guy that the one standing at the left most. Should this person mentioned are walking, than his body should be blur but his image appeared to be solid and no blurring or produce double images to his left hand or his body.

Please take a longer time to see carefully the ‘paranormal images’. If you look carefully, the positioning of the two clear and solid images are in the deferent position. Perhaps, the guy at the right hand most probably are jumping and posing in a deferent position suggests that the images are not the same person.

Uneven distribution of a transparent image.

Finally, I would like to have your intention that slow shutter do not produce uneven distribution of a transparent image unlike the dimensional images. The last photo above  is a good examples that slow shutter image will produce evenly transparent image distribution. However, if you look at the zoomed Photo at second top, the distribution of the transparent area is not even. Means that, the thickness of the distribution of the white layer is uneven suggests that the differences of the thickness of the distribution of the white layer is due to some kind of energy that being reassemble or disassemble.


The close examination to the photos mentioned, I strongly believe that these 'paranormal images' are most probably the citizens of the parallel world. Therefore, it should be no reasons that this photo is not valid to be a paranormal that have captured an overlapping dimension. Unless, there are someone who can provide the most convincing and factual reasons that can explain every details that I have mentioned. Furthermore, I have the negative for this photo to prove that this photo is not fake.

The negative of the photo.

March 13th, 2007 by Augustine Towonsing

This photo negative below is to prove that those photos above are authentic and not fake as some of the visitors claimed

The negative photo...

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