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How to Explain if an Anomaly is an Insect or a Spirit Energy Manifestation

17 March 2023  by Augustine Towonsing

This video footage is one of the most challenging tasks to determine whether what had been recorded was an insect or a distinct spirit energy manifestation that speaks for itself. Therefore, I was compelled to bank on my 19 years of ghost and paranormal research experience to understand, analyse, and to find logical explanation in determining the status of the said footage. At a glance, this spirit energy manifestation can easily be dismissed as an insect because of its behavioural pattern and appearance similar to that of an insect. Indeed, the appearance of this spirit is unexplainable, and beyond logic. However, we are grateful to this spirit for its willingness to prove itself not to be an insect but is instead the manifestation of an intelligence in the guise of an energy pattern within a unique geomagnetic field. So, how can this be proven?

Reference For Paranormal and Ghost Research
Before watching the footage of the spirit energy manifestation mentioned, you are first recommended to watch the video compilation below on environmental phenomena to observe how insects are captured on video camera. Learn the behavioural patterns of an insect, its appearance under slow shutter camera, as well as under infrared light, and be well aware how it appears when it perches on the camera lens. This video compilation hails from the recordings of my solo ghost research for the past 19 years, kept in my archive database for ghost research reference purposes. Yet, many people have not been keen to view such valuable information.

Spirit Energy Manifestation or Insect
Meanwhile, the video below is the footage of a spirit energy manifestation that speaks for itself. There were a few stages of this spirit manifestation recorded in this video derived from the CCTV video playback. At the first stage, the spirit appeared more visible, as it was darker, and moved around very fast in front of the CCTV camera. At the second stage, the spirit become idle in front of the camera. At the third stage, the spirit moved after being idle for some time. At the fourth stage, the spirit became more prominent as an ecto ball, going off and disappearing before returning. At the fifth stage, the spirit returned as a full ecto ball before becoming idle for some time, and finally moved away from the video camera, still in ecto ball form.

Now, how does the above footage claim to be paranormal? Why have I mentioned that this spirit energy manifestation speaks for itself? The spirit has so clearly provided us solid explanation that it was indeed a spirit and not an insect. However, in order for you to understand this phenomenon, you need to have the knowledge about the appearances and behavioural patterns of environmental phenomena related to insects when they are captured on video—as viewed earlier in the video compilation on environmental phenomena. Minus this knowledge, you will definitely fail to differentiate between environmental phenomena and manifestations of spirit energy patterns such as this very video above.

'Insect' on CCTV Camera
Let us begin. The footage above just viewed is a high definition video, till every detail could be seen very clearly, even a lizard four metres away from the video camera. However, you will maintain that what was moving around in front of the camera was definitely an insect. Yes, you are right because of the appearance and behaviour of the anomaly was similar to that of an insect. But wait, let us take a closer look.

The 'Insect'did not Reflect Infrared Light, was Darker, and Transparent
First of all, any insect coming by in front of an infrared camera will appear more prominent with illumination, as its body can reflect the infrared light. However, in this footage. why instead had the anomaly appeared to be darker and not luminous? The answer is simple. The anomaly has no physical body that can reflect the infrared light, and so appeared darker. Furthermore, when the spirit froze in mid-air, what do you see? The image below suggests that the spirit appeared to be darker, transparent, and had no distinct shape associated with any insect.

The spirit appearance does not reflect light and has no distinct shape associated with an insect.

In the form of Energy Manifestation
Secondly, when any insect perches on the camera lens, its physical appearance will cover at least 10% of the screen with a distinct shape. Yet strangely, in this footage, when the spirit became idle in front of the camera for 15 seconds, no one can tell if it perched on the camera lens or not, since the spirit had become transparent and almost could not be seen as shown in the image below. Hence, this becomes solid evidence that this anomaly is in the form of energy manifestation.

The spirit idled in front of the camera but its appearance was transparent that almost could not be seen.

Dynamic Appearance and the Sense of Intelligence

Thirdly, no insect has the ability to alter its appearance dynamically from one shape to another in such little time. However, this spirit energy pattern manifestation had demonstrated how easily it had changed into a multitude of energy patterns simply because its appearance is governed by its own metaphysics. Therefore, when the spirit in this footage became more prominent after idling for 15 seconds before moving away from the video camera, this again proves that the anomaly was indeed in the form of energy, as shown in the image below.

Prior to move out. The spirit appearance become more prominent.

Finally, the concept of intelligence. This footage demonstrated not only how the spirit energy manifestation had explained itself through the CCTV camera, but also how it had shown some kind of intelligences. The spirit knew the exact moment I happened to be looking at the CCTV camera. The aggressive behaviour at the beginning of the footage shown by the spirit was a kind of intelligence to communicate with me, as that behaviour had attracted my attention at that same moment. Moreover, the true identity of the spirit was also shown when it deliberately idled in front of the camera, besides altering its shapes, to prove that what was captured in this video was indeed spirit energy manifestation.

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