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Future dimension: Changing the future with dimensional phase displacement.

27 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing


Ever since I got certified as a Phase Displacement Practitioner (PDP), there have been many things I had displaced in order to create a better outcome. Thus, I would like to share what I feel that may help you to change the path way of your life. And, to help you understand the importance of the understanding of phase displacement... the course is here for you...

Some of my experiences noted in the article below are for sharing purposes. of course there are many other occasions I had displaced using phase displacement.

I have long had interest in discovering the secrets of the future and what exactly happens after this life. In fact, there have been many occasions that I had sensed the presence of spirits or I had even seen them passing by, but I just could not make anything out of it until I changed my way of looking into the unknown. From there, I acted and started on my solo ghost research.

Before I took this course, I bought the e-book “The truth About Parallel Dimensions” and from it, I developed some understanding about the dimensional shift but never thought about the possibilities of its connection with future events or how it could help me to change my life.

The old me and the way of my life.

Previously in my daily prayers, I always used the words ‘please’ or ‘may’ and at the same time, I never focussed on the exact intention or visualized the positive outcome during prayer for someone who was sick, because my visualization was not focussed or my thoughts were negative.

Let me quote a very good example of how I never realized that my prayer was more negative than positive. Recently I conducted my solo one hour investigation at the Indian/Chinese old cemetery during the full moon where the weather was fine and the moon light was bright enough for me to walk around the dark cemetery without a torch. Unfortunately, the results of my investigation were very bad with no anomalies captured on my digital camera; to be exact, only 1% of anomalies were captured on my video camera while the rest were those of flying bugs. I never understood what went wrong, having followed strictly all the research field rules of investigations. However, there was just only one thing I could think of. I suspected that there was negativity in my prayer before I went off to the cemetery. This experience has taught me a valuable lesson, in that I now mostly just use visualization, where I visualize good spirits walking with me and in case there are any humans with any bad intention, I visualize those spirits in human form walking with me giving me their support and protection. This visualization has helped my investigations, which always proved more then 95% successful.

All this while, I had used my powers of visualization without understanding the connection between past and future events. This goes to say that in the past, I could remember clearly some occasions happening exactly as how I had intended it to as I had visualized, but I had always thought it happened due to chance.

In fact, I never believed that I had my own ability to use the quantum touch that could be used to help myself and others even though I knew that there was the possibility of its existence in me, but I never knew how to use this resource until I followed this course.

With body-mind-soul, I really thank Dr. Dave for this kind of course which is the first of its kind. This course had enabled me not only to understand the existence of parallel dimensions and how or when the overlapping occurs, but it enabled me to go further than that, where I could now understand the relationship between past and future events, and how the future dimension could be altered through a positive way of prayer together with positive visualization.

The positive Visualisation. 

It is really enriching for me to experience a new way of life when I now understand and practice the knowledge I had gained through this course. Recently before the school holidays began, the school had arranged extra classes for the students which clashed with a long-planned family holiday of mine. I was very lucky at the same time to be halfway through this home study course. Normally, there would be trouble when it came to reshuffling the time table, as it would involve so many parties, and in the end I would always stick to the original given time table and be forced to cancel my own plans instead. However, I tried out a new method which just altered my attitude from being negative to being positive.

Dreams tells us what is beyond our five physical senses understanding...

The positive visualisation is another natural way of healing...

I then started to plan. First of all, I met the person whom I wanted to exchange slots with, whereby this person has been known to be someone always reluctant to change anything. But instead of visualising him as the person he really was, I just emptied my mind and concentrated on visualising him in positive light, and 10 minutes later, I went to see to tell him that I would like to exchange slots with him. And unbelievably, it was wonderful that he agreed to my request, just exactly as how I had visualized him earlier on to. In fact, I had also used visualization before I went to see a few more people in charge of the planning of extra classes, and here again, the visualization worked again and everything turned out as I had wanted it to.

The life force - Meditation and Quantum Touch. 

I have heard of and seen people moving a truck with their ear or hair with no outside help other than that of their own energy. But this course had further enabled me to experience and to understand deeper the use of energy healing. Most of the time when my family members or my own self fell sick, we always depended on medication. But interestingly, during my family holiday of 3 days, the schedule was too packed and ultra tiring. On the first day itself, my second daughter fell ill and keep throwing up whatever food and drink her little stomach contained. The following day when her condition worsened, we decided to bring her to see a doctor. Since my girl was so sick to the point of becoming feverish, I stayed with her in the hotel room while the rest of the family went out to the outdoor theme park. When I was alone with my daughter, I decided to try out what I had learnt from this course. For the first ten minutes, I tried meditating and visualized my ill daughter smiling and laughing away with her other siblings. After the ten minutes, I decided again to try out using the quantum touch by running my energy into her. While meditating and visualizing my intentions to channel out my energy over to her, I didn’t touch her, but just simply put my right hand over her body. During the first ten minutes, I could feel the heat from her body travelling out into my palm, and during the last ten minutes, the heat from her disappeared, but I could still feel a kind of an static electricity around my fingers and when I finally could not feel anything more and I decided to stop. It was wonderful because after a while, my little girl asked for some food as she felt very hungry. Amazingly, she really appeared healthy as though she was never sick and the same night, she was able to go to the outdoor theme park to play too.

Quantum touch is a healing process with the use of Life Force Energy...

Another occasion where I had to use quantum touch was when my wife complained of having a very bad migraine during the same holiday at the outdoor theme park. Since she saw that our daughter recover from her illness, she asked me if I could run my energy over her. However, it was very bad timing because I felt very tired too, but I still tried it out anyway. The first ten minutes while meditating I visualized her in her normal condition while I put my right hand by touching over her head for 2 minutes. The heat from her head make me feel uncomfortable and I decided to place my palm 2 to 3 inches above her head instead. After running my energy for about 10 minutes, I felt the same kind of static electricity running through my fingers and I ask her if she could feel anything, and she told me that she could feel as though I was rubbing her hair gently when I actually was not. After 20 minutes, I still could feel the static electricity on my fingers but because I was too tired, I told my wife that I was going to stop and I ask her if she felt any improvement on her condition. Amazingly, she confirmed that the migraine was gone by 50%.

In fact, in my own experience I also had very severe migraine during lunch time until I almost could not finish my lunch. Since we had our lunch out,  I ask my wife to drive and I took the opportunity to try healing my own self. For the first ten minutes, I meditated and visualized myself in my present clothing to be fine, smiling and walking in the supermarket. I tried to figure out how to heal my own self, and when I tried to breathe faster, I felt the migraine becoming more severe and finally, I realised that I needed to breathe deeply and slowly while emptying my mind. I felt the migraine slowly disappearing and at the same time I ran the energy around my head followed by the breathing technique and after 30 minutes, the migraine lessened and totally disappeared, and after my wife went to the post office, we ended up in the supermarket exactly as how I had visualised.

My Conclusion.

Last but not least, after completing this course, I now have a different view about things. My journey of life had totally changed. Now, I am able to understand the connection between the present and the future with dimensional displacement. The intention and visualization are great ways to change future events. As a paranormal researcher, this course has given me a wider understanding of the paranormal and how to document their existence.

Not only has the course given me the chance to explore and to recognise my own strength, but it has also given me deeper understanding on the actual concept of positive thinking which is not only in the way we think, but also in our prayers, intentions and visualizations. Thank you very much for this great home study course, Dr. Dave! I look forward to the next home study course.

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