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Spherical ghost orb...

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Ghost orbs versus environmental dust orb.

27 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing


The IGHS has pointed out that  all creatures and living things are supposed to have a 'life force' that sustains life. Furthermore, this 'life force' in humans is considered to be the soul or spirit that retains the intelligence, emotions and personality of the human being that survive death. This 'life force' survives death because energy cannot be destroyed but may transformed into other energy patterns that represents the existence of the spirit. moreover, the orb is the basic energy pattern or shape of the spirit world unlike the orthodox view which suggests that spirit existence is represented by the human figure in a transparent manner.

Furthermore, since the existence of the spirit is represented by the energy patterns that are generated by the spirit, therefore there are many kinds of energy patterns that we have captured on film but do not have the same shape, because the spirit has no physical body that holds a fixed shape. Therefore, this article is for a reference on evaluating ghost orb anomalies.

My evaluation tools on spirit energy patterns.

I would like to share my experience in research investigation on tools that I have used. I have used a non-digital camera Canon EOS888 that is very good but involves very high cost. Moreover, I have used a Sony digital camera (3.2 mega pixels) with internal light. At present, I am using a Canon EOS350D digital camera (8.0 mega pixels) with external light that can light up up to 105 feet.

In comparison, the high pixels are really handy when it comes to evaluation of an anomaly that is printed on film. The photos that were captured with 8 mega pixels can be zoomed up to 800% more without distorting the image unlike the 3.2 mega pixels that only can be zoomed up to the maximum of 180% or less. Furthermore, there are  digital cameras of 12 mega pixels that are available in the market but they will be more expensive depending on the brand.

Since the lighting is important to highlight the presence of the spirit in the dark, therefore the use of an external light that can light up more than 20 feet can help us to identify the anomaly that has been highlighted on film. Moreover, it is even easier to evaluate photos captured in powerful light. In fact, photos captured in dim light or less powerful light tend to produce photos with high noise that make it difficult to evaluate the anomaly printed on it.

Insight  on orbs that are related to the environment.

I would like to point out the differences and the logical explanation regarding the  orb mistaken to be that generated by the environment. As I mentioned earlier, the use of good tools such as high resolution digital camera and good lighting system will make it easier for us to evaluate an anomaly that is printed on film.

In the examples below, zoomed Photo Number 1 and 2 are the tiniest insects that exist in most places such as near the swamp, jungles and bushes in Malaysia. Nevertheless, the mosquito and the moth are also commonly found at night. Meanwhile, zoomed Photos Number 2b, 2e and 2f are related to the dust since it is transparent with a remarkable demarcated outer ring on it. However, photo Number 2c and 2d are related to the surrounding weather conditions that produce mist.

Therefore, what I would like to suggest is that the ghostly orb that is related to the environment has a particular shape that is related to the anomaly that generates the ghostly orb. As I mentioned earlier, high resolution photos and good lighting system help us a lot when it comes to evaluating an anomaly.

The size of insect...

The photo above is the actual photo of an tiny insect that is common in Malaysia and its size is smaller than the letter 'M' that is of the 12 font in size. This tiny insect mentioned is represented by Photo Number 1 and 2 in action.

In my opinion, how ever tiny  the insect may be, it still has its remarkable shape because of its physique that holds its shape. Let us see Photos Number 1 and 2, which are ghostly anomalies that can be mistaken as ghosts. However, close examination suggests that these are insects. The blurring is due to the flapping of wings that flap up and down and Photo Number 2 shows the distinct shape of an insect.         

A ghostly insect.

A blurring insect.


Example of dust...

Overlapping mists orbs...



Dry season's orb dust...

A moth...

Ghostly spider...

Insight on orbs that are related to spirit energy patterns.

The photos below are the photos that somewhat may represent the energy patterns that are related to the existence of the spirit. Since the spirit existence is in energy form, therefore its existence does not hold fixed shape.

I would like to share my opinion about these anomalies which we can put into 2 groups. The first group is the anomaly that looks flat or has 1 dimension, which are Photos Numbers 3,4,5,7,8 and 10. Meanwhile Photos Number 6 and 9 look appear to have 2 dimensions.

However, from its appearance these anomalies fall into one similar pattern that we call ghost orb or ghost orb in motion. One thing that makes me believe that these photos have captured the spirit that exist in the form of an orb is because I could not find the familiar shape that is related to the insect pattern.

Photos Number 6 and 9 are similar, in that they appear to have 2 dimensions which I always refer to be an "ecto ball" because of its appearance that looks round, and I have personally witnessed with the naked eye this "ecto ball" which looks round, floating on the ground as big as a football that caused the  charged camera battery to become drained.

Meanwhile, Photos Number 8 and 10 are similar in that both are in stationary state but the ghost orb in Photo Number 8 emits extreme bright light. However, Photo Number 10 looks more spherical, having substance and the outer ring is not demarcated.

Photo Number 7 is rare. I believe that this ball of fire may not related to the human spirit. Closed examination suggests that this anomaly emits light with a slight red contrail. Furthermore, this fire ball is believed to be generated by the spirit/ghost entity because there are no light sources that can generate such an anomaly.

Ghost energy pattern...

Ghost energy pattern...

Ghost energy pattern...

Ghost ecto ball...

Ghost fire ball...

Glowing ghost orb.

Floating ghost ecto ball

Spherical ghost orb...

Evaluation: Ghost orb versus orb related to the Malaysian environment.

First of all, this discussion would evaluate and compare what I believe to be the ghost orb that is really generated by the spirit energy, with the ghostly orb that is generated by the environment. Furthermore, my discussion centers on insects within Malaysia only that includes the most common that I have mentioned earlier.

Let us analyse one very good sentence that puts down the validity of these photos. "This photo is nothing more than the anomaly that is associated with a flying insect." This sentence will be very good to put down Photos Numbers 3,4 and 5 because their appearance.

Now, let me explain deeper to see whether this anomaly is related to the flying insect:

I have brought to view the tiniest insect that I believe exists in most places in Malaysia. The photos that represent those insect mentioned are Photos Number 1 and 2 which are smaller than a mosquito in size. yet, the shape that resembles the insect's physical existence is distinct. Mean while, a bigger sized insect such as moth can be seen clearly, that is represented by Photo Number 2a.

Now, look at Photos Number 3,4 and 5. My close examination suggests that this photo does not give meaningful shape that can be associated with an insect. For example in Photo Number 3, what I can see here is the main orb moves upwards, seen from the transparent contrail behind it. Meanwhile, the blurring on top looks as if the orb is moving downwards because of its transparent contrail. The blurring on top cannot be the flapping of wings because the flapping of wings will be blur, whereas one of the mini orbs is solid. Furthermore, the center of this anomaly is extremely bright. Now we return to Photos Number 1 and 2, where the blurring due to flapping wings is distinct and makes sense.

We move on to Photo Number 4. If someone assumes that this anomaly is associated with a flying insect, what kind of insect  could it be. I have pointed out exactly how tiny an insect may be but the shape of its physical existence won't be blurred. In my opinion, the first thing that we should  consider is to look at the physical existence of the insect. Should the anomaly be associated with an insect, then the physical existence should be revealed by looking at the physical shape that may make sense distinctly as an insect. In my opinion, this anomaly is not related to the flying insect since this anomaly is bigger in size compared to the zoomed photo of the tiny insect. Yet, the shape does not make sense to be that of an insect.

Finally we move on to Photo Number 5. This photo, if someone assume it to be an insect, then I have no idea what kind of insect it would be, since the shape does not make sense to be that of an insect. Furthermore, I could not see any blurring that is related to the flying insect or blurring due to flapping wings. What I could see is that, there are mini orbs surrounding the main orb. Furthermore the bigger orb emits bright light. Meanwhile the rest of the mini orbs are hovering within the bigger orb. If it is an insect, then the physical existence such as legs and wings should also be able to be seen.

Someone might say that the insect emits bright light due to the camera flash light and that this insect was captured close to the lens. Now, let us see the 2 photos which I have downloaded from At a glance, we definitely can recognize the first photo is a butterfly. Mean while, the other one might be mistaken to be ghost orb in motion. However, only those who do not understand the energy patterns that are related to the existence ghosts will claim this photo to be ghostly. Since ghost existence is related to energy, therefore the energy pattern that represents the spirit existence is distinct, would make sense and will not be odd from the energy pattern that should be.   


From the discussion, I myself have no doubt to accept those anomalies because I can see the difference between anomaly related to the flying insect and those related to the energy that  is generated by the spirit.

If someone tells me the shape of those anomalies and what kind of insect there are by providing me solid evidence and details that explain its relationship, then I should have no doubt to accept the given explanations associated with flying insects. However, we should understand the basic nature of a flying insect that mostly flaps its wings while flying. Therefore, when we insist on the insect nature as flapping of wings while flying with Photos Number 3,4 and 5, then it would really not make sense.

Therefore, we may fail to evaluate ghostly photos that might be valid to be an energy pattern related to the spirit existence if we use a less powerful camera lighting system or use a digital camera that produces low resolution photos.

Furthermore, International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) teaches that the existence of the spirit is represented by energy patterns. Therefore, the anomaly that the ghost generates would have no physical shape that holds meaningful shape that resembles the shape that is related to the insect. Moreover, I believe that how ever tiny  an insect may be, it still holds a meaningful shape that is related to its kind. Furthermore, its shape still can be traced because of its distinct shape. This explanation also applies to the insect that is captured close to the lens that reveals the insect's own distinct shape.

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27 December 2014. Meanwhile the previous version of this article was also published under The International Ghost Hunters Society newsletter Issue 432, March 03, 2007.

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