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Overlapping faces.

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Parallel worlds: How Does it overlap and Captured on Film?

22 June 2018  by Augustine Towonsing


Is it possible to capture the existence of Parallel Worlds on film? There seems to be so many people out there interested to know the existence of the parallel world. But unfortunately, many of us still fail to understand  this phenomenon when it captured on film because of pre knowledge on slow shutter camera that producing unwanted blurring images.

simply because we just accept what we seem to understand and refuse to accept the rest due to lack of understanding, or perhaps because through our personal way of understanding things that prevents new knowledge from being accepted. Some of us may be at the stage where we become fed up with our research findings because of our limited understanding of this world and being trapped within our traditional non professional paranormal photographer explanation about slow shutter images. 

Closed Mind to new knowledge

I would like to point out why we fail to understand the existence of the parallel world, which is simply because our mind is closed to the new knowledge due to the limitation in our understanding that had been season to the perception of our five fundamental physical senses. Hence, there are sceptics who take lightly of our photos which we declare valid to have captured the parallel world, and praise the rest because the overlapping images were clear enough and different from the physical world images. This is because, instead of taking a longer time to analyse the photos, these sceptics tend to jump to conclusions with their own point of view that goes back to being stuck with the traditional thinking about images that are produced by the slow shutter camera. We must remember, the parallel world that overlaps into our dimension is related to quantum mechanics. Therefore, how it overlap into our dimension is unpredictable. Yet, once it manifests in the form of visual, its appearance implies significant characteristics that explain its very own nature.

Furthermore, we should realise the basic human nature that is captured on film, whether they are walking naturally ahead, backwards or are standing still. We have to put together our knowledge about basic human nature with what has been captured on film, in order to compare the validity of paranormal nature.

The Slow Shutter Images, Carousel of Confusion

The images by the slow shutter camera seem to be the bigger obstacles for us to understand the existence of the parallel world, simply because of our mind is clouded with our traditional point of view that the slow shutter tends to produces streaks, blurring and double images. I am not saying that all slow shutter images have captured the existence of the parallel world. But, we must understand that not all slow shutters which have captured the paranormal anomaly due to camera shake especially the images that were taken with a slow shutter camera that was mounted on a tripod. What I would like to suggest is that, we would not accept the slow shutter images if not taken using a tripod because of the clear reason.

However, it seems that people are getting confused with the actual meaning of the ‘overlapping dimension’ and the parallel world. ‘Overlapping dimension’ only describes how the parallel world overlaps into our dimension on film. However, we seem to forget the source of the images that overlap into our realm. We believe in the existence of the parallel world and yet we fail to understand it simply because we forget the source of the phenomenon mentioned is related to metaphysics concept.

Inside the parallel world.

My close examination on the parallel world that overlaps into our dimension suggests that, overlapping dimensions happen in front of the objects or persons who become our objects during the time we capture a photo. Why a person becomes transparent actually is not because the person has actually become transparent, but the surroundings or the physical of the duplicate world which overlap can be seen according to the amount of the energy that opens the barrier between the parallel world and the physical world. We may see the transparent area exactly like that of the physical world because the images that are being projected are the duplicate of the physical world which we call ‘parallel dimension’.

Overlapping faces.

The overlapping faces from the Malaysian Ghost Research's solid evidence of the Parallel Dimension existence.

Even though the barrier between our realm and the closest parallel world may only be as much as an atomic dimension away but it still requires some amount of energy for it to be opened. In my opinion, our high intensity of positive intention may radiate some amount of energy that is enough to open the barrier of the parallel world that allows us to see the parallel world citizens. Therefore, it comes to my understanding that a duplicate can be captured as a new place or a new person near someone from the physical world, and how the duplicates captured on film depend on the quantum mechanics that are related to energy. If we can see a duplicate in an image that appears blur, it is because there was not enough energy that could be used to form the duplicate’s image completely. Therefore, because of our lack of understanding, we tend to conclude that this kind of image is due to camera shakes or slow shutter camera.

The Consciousness Mind Dimension

Human mind can be directed to positively create a visual that has the direct influence on the person whom project the the positive visualisation...

To evaluate possible dimensional photos, we need to find the details that may help us to explain the paranormal content of those photos. Do not judge too hastily but look carefully first, believe in yourself that there are things in those photos that may explain our doubts. We tend to make judgement even before we look closely, simply because of our prior knowledge about slow shutter camera that seems to give the impression that all slow shutter cameras produce streaks and double images. I believe that dimensional photos are rare, especially photos that have captured the parallel world and of course, how these overlapping dimensions captured on film will never be the same each time. Perhaps, our intentions and our positive visualisation create some amount of energy that may help us to capture the existence of the parallel world since the parallel world’s distance is only an atomic dimension away that exist in the consciousness mind dimension.

Does the Parallel Worlds Exist?

Right now the controversy stemming from my research findings of the parallel world have become something which confuses many. Yet, this controversy only lingers around those who have not fully understood, not to mention the sceptics. However, we should thank everyone who has helped us to understand deeper about the existence of the parallel world, especially the sceptics. In fact, it is because of them that we end up discovering newer facts that cannot be further questioned anymore regarding the phenomenon mentioned captured on film.

Even though in the 1950’s and 60’s physicists have already revealed the theory of the parallel universes that are similar to each other and possibly even a duplicate of our own universe, yet we seem not to be able to understand when the parallel world overlaps into our realm on film because we fail to understand its concept. Hence, the word ‘duplicate’ has already explained the nature of the parallel world that overlaps into our realm. Therefore, we should have no doubt if the same person has another him or her captured at the same time and the same place on film.

Parallel Universes

The Parallel Dimensions duplicate concept

Image courtesy of

If the physicists believe that the parallel universes of relativity are the same as those of quantum theory that exist and only an atomic dimension away, then, it is not impossible for the parallel world to overlap into our dimension. Therefore, we may possibly enter the parallel world, provided we understand its existence, have attain the inner peace that enable one to merge the universal mind through conscious singularity.

Perhaps, our conscious singularity may able to create a bridge of consciousness unification, to be able to be connected with the consciousness mind dimension so that a singular identical intention be created that may help to create some amount of energy that makes possible for the physically and the parallel worlds reach the singularity.

One thing that may prevent us from accepting the reality of the parallel world  captured on film is that we miss some very important facts that explain the nature of how the overlapping dimension overlaps on film. Furthermore, the negative way in which we look at things that possibly exist may cloud our mind that further makes our mind closed to new knowledge.  I have pointed out so many facts that explain the nature of the ‘paranormal images’, yet many of us missed the fact simply because we overlooked them.

Me and 'Me', the Paradox of the Parallel Worlds in Daily Life

We believe that we have our own duplicate in the parallel world as Victor Greto comments on Tegmark statements on Parallel Dimensions that ‘there is another you and me a short distance from us that exactly or approximately depending on those unpredictable quantum mechanics.’

I only realised having my own duplicate after my friends unconsciously called me ‘Anthony’ or Andrew on 8 different occasions. Even I had pointed this out in the an article in the International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) newsletter the differences between ‘Anthony’ and I in the paranormal area but yet we are alike. In fact, I do believe that when Dr. Dave himself put my name as ‘Anthony’ most probably the one who typed my name as ‘Anthony’ was not Dr. Dave himself but most probably was the duplicate of Dr. Dave who knew very well who ‘Anthony’ was. In reality, Dr. Dave knows me as Augustine and I am only certified as Phase Displacement Practitioner (PDP) in that time. Therefore, Anthony nor Andrew are real in the mind of other people that is truly exist because both 'me' is pointing back to the same me as a self reference. Hence, the Parallel Worlds indeed exists.

Furthermore, I have captured other duplicates on film that are exacts as well in the form of Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) - saying 'your duplicate', yet have some differences. They may be our own duplicate but we do have our differences in certain areas. A photo captured the parallel world once revealed its duplicate engaged in the opposite relationship from that in the physical world e.g. you might be shorter but in the parallel world you are taller,  if you are small sized in real life then you will be big sized in the parallel world and so on and so forth. However, the parallel world that is captured on film also reveals the similarity of what we are doing at the same time and the clothing we wear. Yet, there are things that differs one from one’s duplicate.


The Parallel worlds nor the physical world which both exists in the form of paradox but at the same time both exist in the consciousness mind dimension singularity. Overlapping dimension phenomenon that overlaps on film is only a description of how the parallel world overlaps into our dimension on film but indeed it is truly exists.

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