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The energy forces existence and its influence towards one spiritual progress.

27 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing


One might ask what is energy force, where do it come from and how are these energy forces  influence our life? Hence, when we talk about our spiritual life, it simply means that we are referring to an energy force - The Universal Energy Forces that merged with God's mind - the source of life. In fact, our daily lives in this physical dimension is also full of mystery that manifested from the energy forces that is beyond the comprehensions of our fundamental five physical senses.

Furthermore, due to lake of understanding on many events that generates energy forces that further brings about  impact on us within the dimension of eternal now; we seek for an ultimate protections, a powerful energy force through prayers for protection.


Prayers is a powerful words that creates unique energy field...

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Unfortunately, at the same time not many of us have the understanding the actual arts of a language of prayer as many of us take the easy way to just recite a prayer from customised prayer books without any question.

Furthermore, our daily lives that we face everyday have links with events in the past dimension reality in the form of energy forces. Therefore, events that will happen in the future dimension reality are most likely those of what we have guessed if we do realised, based on the options we had decided to put into action.

Yet sometimes, there are events that happen without warning such as an unfortunate event. However such event most of the time happens due to personal carelessness, lack of focus and due to emotional burden that cause by energy forces.

The dynamic energy forces that comes from the surroundings or events.

One may assume that unfortunate events that happen in the future have no link with our past or present dimension reality. Yet in fact, most of the time the best thing we do is to blame God as the One who has determined and fixed our future that life has become a destiny, and we never think about the link between the past, the present and the coming dimensions that actually based on one thoughts and actions in the form of energy forces that at the same time become a kind of negative prayer. 
Hence, the slightest actions that we carry out in the present moment will then transform into energy force that are added as input factors that contribute to the alteration of the future dimensions reality because the reality of the future dimension is rely based on the energy forces. Furthermore, our action in every moment is actually related to a force of the dynamic energy force that comes from the surroundings or events. Eventually, this energy force that is generated by certain events sometimes will force us to make decisions in a short time without thinking its impact and perhaps make us to become temporary emotionally and spiritually burdened. Therefore, if we carry out an action of survival instinct that cause difficulties on others then we have generated negative energy force that will influence the dynamic energy force of future dimension and such moment will brings about confusion to our spiritual life that we will enter a field of energy force that become a 'temporal' moment, unable to focus and ends up generating negative thoughts and transform it into energy force that silently become a negative prayer. 

Furthermore, most of us will link certain events as an unfortunate event when the events happen without warning or unexpectedly. So, do certain events in the future dimensions reality really have no link with the reality of the past dimensions? In fact, from the spiritual aspect we definitely have realised that one day we will die and certainly be parts of the living energy forces. However, we don’t know yet the causes that will bring about our death. Therefore, death has links to the past dimension in the form of energy. In fact, the moment we are born the future dimension reality begins. Yet, the energy force is dynamic that can be easily influence by other energy forces.

Therefore, if we really make an effort to do recollections for every issue that we have gone through daily, we might be able to realise the existence of the energy force that links between the reality of the past dimension and the reality of the future dimension. In fact, dreams that exist in the form of energy force is a kind of plane of dimension that sometimes bring about a message regarding future events that might be contents with a forewarning for the purpose to realise the existence of energy forces.

The art of the Language of prayer 
Why does it seem as though our daily prayers appear not to give us comfort or give us protection? To answer such a question, we need to keep asking ourselves whether we had really asked for protection and understand the energy forces existence. In fact, most of the time our prayer is nothing but nonsense with no intention, visualisation and emotion but instead mumble customised prayers that come from books. Hence, instead of generating positive energy force we might generates negative energy force that in turn become the 'temporal moment' in our spiritual life and remain stuck within the influence of the negative energy forces until our thoughts and action inline with the universal survival.

The International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) has highlighted that prayer is the language that allows us to express our dreams, making them real in our lives that become an energy force that cannot be spoken or transmitted as written words – the FEELING that comes from the bottom of our inner soul. Therefore, in order for us to attract the desire future dimension reality; we must merge our thoughts and our emotions as one for the purpose to create strong energy force that become a silent language of prayer. Yet, the greatest mistake that we make is that we are often offer negative prayers that silently become the negative energy force.

Candles light...

The art of prayer involved thoughts and feelings  that comes from the bottom of one inner soul.

Hence, as an Electronic Voice Phenomenon (EVP) researcher, I have the understanding on the  psychology energy force of spirits that is often recorded on my Sony voice recorder and most of the time I will gain extra information after applying reverse speech on the energy force of the EVPs. Therefore, when I record a customized prayer, and apply reverse speech to it, the prayer has nothing but nonsensical mumbling. In contrast, a prayer that comes from a person praying with emotion is clear and sometimes coveys the same meaning when reverse speech is applied. Hence, a prayer that based on thoughts and feelings positively creates an energy force that can be manifested positively according to one will.

Finally, I have come to a conclusion that in order for us to master the energy forces and attract the future dimension's reality then we need to understand the basic alterations the reality of the future dimension based on the actual concept of the language of prayer. Hence, Positive prayers should come from our inner soul that merges with positive visualization and emotion. Furthermore, the alterations of the future dimensions reality are related to energy forces the quantum physic’s theory; and one future dimension reality is rely on one thoughts and action. Therefore, we need to learn to hold on our thought as our thoughts are the origins of all creations of energy forces  throughout the continuum of all dimensions. Be it in the form of energy force or thoughts that manifested into the physical dimension's reality yet, both  generates positive energy force and vice versa. The key is; our thought, our feelings and focus are the language of prayer that creates unique energy field. Yet, the reality of the future dimension that exists in the form of dynamic energy force are linked to the past and present moment that governs by you and me through the mystery of mind power.

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This article has been revised on 27 December 2014. Meanwhile the previous version of this article was also published under The  International Ghost Hunters Society newsletter Issue 425, January 13, 2007.

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