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Ghost etheric body.

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The ghost Etheric body: What is it?

27 December 2014  by Augustine Towonsing


The most bizarre questions probably being asked by many, related to human existence with regard to what is beyond life, are - The mystery beyond graves are; is it true that we have multiple bodies? How many bodies does each of us own along our journey back to the ultimate destiny of life? These interesting and perhaps weird questions are just the actual truth of life. The reason why many of us just can’t accept the truth of life is the fact that we have many bodies along our very own spiritual journey, so much so that our mind is confused.

The fundamental of infinite body.

Indeed, our five fundamental physical senses which are the most effective tools engineering our daily life experience probably are the most significant obstacles in our very own way of thinking, in that we only accept things that can be seen and experienced through our physical senses in life which our mind considers to be logical and acceptable as our daily life experience.

Nonetheless, the easier way to understand the concept of infinite number of bodies in our very own eternal life is reflected in our dreams experiences which explain the realness of our very own existence out of the physical body and those experiences are beyond doubt what you may able to picture once you wake up. The explanation is; in a dream state you will find yourself in another form but feel the very exact experience of what you experience while awake, but at the same time your body is still asleep and actually is never involved in your dream experience, because it is your astral body that is undergoing the dream experience.

Another way that we can see the realness of the multiple bodies’ concept is asking a few friends about you and you will be definitely surprised when you find your very own friends picturing you according to their very own perceptions. If you have 40 friends talking about you, you will find another 40 of you pictured differently from your friends’ perspective and now that the 40 of you is the self-reference of yourself that exist in different dimensions in the minds of others, yet they all truly undoubtedly exist. Therefore, this simple explanation tells us that we undoubtedly exist in many levels of existence, and in our very own existence, we are not governed by the limited understanding of the physical body but the consciousness of mind in energy form.

What is ghost Etheric body?

So, what is about the ghost Etheric body? Is that also our very own body? The answer is yes, and from the fundamental medical perspective most of us understand that our physical body is not more than a biological organic property that functions like a machine that once some parts of the machine break down, it would start to fail to operate normally and eventually it will die and that’s the end of everything. Nonetheless, from the spiritual life perspective, we see our physical body more than just a biological organic state in which everything operates from the instructions of an intelligence force using the most sophisticated technology – the organic brain. Indeed, our organic brain acts like a transmitter and receiver of the information that receives and sends to and from the sphere of the mental plane in the form of the Conscious Mind, Subconscious Mind and the Superconscious Mind that allow our physical body to operate accordingly.

Ghost etheric body.

Beyond the physic body.

The question is; what exactly keeps our physical body alive? Each of us from birth to death performs the act of breathing which is inhaling, retaining and exhaling and this process is governed by the Subconscious Mind. In the process of each inhalation our lungs not only absorb air but also ether or pranic energy through our nostrils, and because the universe itself has with magnetic properties therefore our body also has the same magnetic characteristics - having two poles inherited from the Cosmos Law. Therefore, from the subconscious mind perspective inhaling the pranic energy is to maintain the magnetic properties or the life force energy within our biological organic body that functions to keep the biological organic body alive. Unfortunately, once our body ceases to absorb and radiate energy from and to surrounding space, the magnetic properties cease and then the biological organic body dies.

When our body stops functioning and dies, the life force energy would then be released. The process of releasing the life force energy is considered a transition known as death. The life force inhabiting our biological organic body, once released, will pose the same characteristics as the deceased, but now become less condensed transited into a new body – The Etheric body or energy body that is a temporary body of recently deceased person, commonly called a ‘ghost’.

In the scientific term, the energy body is also known as geomagnetic field that is often detected using common tools used in ghost research, and the most common evidence gathered is akin to the video recording below.

The Etheric body and the grieving process.

The reason why many people experience seeing ghostly apparitions is because the ghostly Etheric body is denser that can be visible to the human eye. Yet, the transition of the deceased body into Etheric body is an important aspect in the grieving process of loved ones, whereby the deceased close enough to their loved ones appear to them for the purpose of comforting them during the grieving process of their demise.

Unfortunately, the Etheric body must exhaust all of the ether before the deceased can transit into lighter body – The Astral Body or the Soul. The longer the grieving process takes to complete, the longer time the deceased has to wait before they can transit to another bodily form, which is until the ether is exhausted.

Furthermore, the strong grieving emotion of the loved ones supply more energy to the Etheric Body, and this is important in the process because the deceased Etheric Body may become more visible for the purpose of comforting the living, but as soon as the grieving process is over, the Etheric Body energy supply eventually will be subdued and exhausted. Indeed this would be the time for another transition from the temporary body of the Etheric Body into a lighter body or the Soul.


Therefore, the concept of ‘body’ is not limited within its literal meaning as it is an integral aspect of our very own existence in the continuum of spherical life, and it is even mysterious when we think of our appearance in our daily life having different looks in different attire, because that exactly how we can have many bodies in our very own spiritual journey of life reflected in our very own existence.

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