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The new  and the full moon phase, doest it really have impact on ghost research?

26 April 2015  by Augustine Towonsing


Why is it very important for us to understand  the higher dimension's citizens merging into our reality during peak hours? And what are the indicators that can be assigned to be a good reference to determine the best time for ghost research? Hence, why and what the indicators are to understand the secrets beyond the paranormal origin are the main questions that this article will discuss. However, the researcher believes that the secrets of the paranormal origin are within the eternal now that beyond of our consciousness.

Therefore, understanding the best time to conduct ghost research is the basic key to achieving success in paranormal and ghost research. However, a question rises -  when actually is the best time for ghost research?

Yet, the International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) teaches that during the full moon, new moon and two or three days on either side of the full and new moon, during the geomagnetic storm and during the electrical storm, are the best times for ghost research and claimed to work all over the world. Furthermore, the dark witches in ancient beliefs system also has given their credits to the  full moon phase to be the best time to summon spirits.

Nevertheless, these beliefs have not only become prominent in human conciseness but also have contributed to the basic knowledge in paranormal and ghost research that further has become the reference to be the best time in ghost research.

The limitation and data collections of the research.

In this research, the discussions will be focused on the reliability of the moon phase (specifically the full moon and the new moon phases), its impact on ghost research and the possibilities of other factors that contribute to the achievement in ghost research.

Thus, the analysis is based on our 16 paranormal investigations database that were conducted since October 2007 to days and dates in different  sites at different moon phase stages that have contributed to the success in searching for the clues of the new phenomenon that has discovered suddenly that the full and the new moon phases that had been claimed to be the best time for ghost research and works all over the world has reached its end.

Table 1: Malaysian Ghost Research paranormal investigation's PiARS.


PiARS Achievement*

% of PiARS*
Name of 
Moon Phase
% of Full Moon
Third Quarter
First Quarter
Waning Gibbous
Waning Crescent
Extremely Poor
Waxing Gibbous
Full Moon
Waning Crescent
Extremely Poor
New Moon
Extremely Poor
Full Moon
Waning Crescent
Waxing Crescent
Extremely Poor
Waxing Gibbous
Waning Gibbous
Extremely Poor
Waning Crescent
Extremely Poor
Waxing Gibbous
Extremely Poor
Waxing Gibbous

* Based on Malaysian Ghost Research's Paranormal Index Achievement Rating Standard (PiARS).

Furthermore, the primary data was collected from our own investigation based on 16 paranormal and ghost research investigations shown in Table 1. Meanwhile, the data collections  on  the percent of the full moon is based on the software QuickPhase Pro version 3.3.2 and the secondary data on the sunspot and geomagnetic alerts were collected from website.

Research background and Controversy on ghost research formula.

Since the year 2004, the Malaysian Ghost Research has conducted their paranormal research mostly during the full and the new moon and the results were always great until early 2007 when they realised that the percentage of the achievement success had started to deplete.

In fact, for the past two years in their paranormal and ghost research investigations, results during the said time based on the PiARS score showed  how the PiARS achievement index had fallen between zero to 49% which is 'extremely poor' to the 'poor' results. Moreover, similar results were also shared by the Malaysian Ghost Research team based in Sabah over 3,000 kilometers away from west Malaysia. In fact, the Malaysian Paranormal Research based in Ipoh, Perak also reported the same results.

Furthermore, the claim that  the full and the new moon phases based on the lunar calendar is one of the best times for ghost research and which works all over the world has suddenly reached its end when the said claim has failed   to produce similar success results  in paranormal and ghost research in Malaysia that happens to be located at the equator. Hence, sudden changes in the achievement success that has depleted from day to day has introduced a new phenomena in ghost research in Malaysia that further gives rise to a doubt on the credibility of the moon phase that had been pointed out to be one of the best time for ghost research.

The expert view

In search of the answer as to why suddenly for the pass two years the moon phase no longer has bearing  on paranormal and ghost research in Malaysia, the Malaysian Ghost Research had contacted the IGHS experts for a second opinion on how to explain the issue.

However, the IGHS had admitted that they had no explanation to offer to explain why the formula no longer works in Malaysia as the formula works fine in the US paranormal investigation, and because of that, we were prompted to conduct a research to find out whether the new and the full moon phases really have an impact on ghost research or were there other possible factors that may have contributed to the success in paranormal and ghost research achievement.

The new  and the full moon phase, do it really have impact on ghost research?

With regard to this issue, the Malaysian Ghost Research has implemented the scientific analysis approach based on the database  to show correlation between the percentage of the PiARS achievement and the the percentage of the full moon.

Clustered Column 1: PiARS achievement during the Full Moon Phase.


Therefore,  Clustered Column 1 shows investigations having been conducted in 4 different sites, that is twice during the full moon and twice during 1 or 2 days before the full moon. Interestingly, the achievements shows that there is no exact correlation between the PiARS achievement and the moon phase. In fact, the most recent paranormal investigations conducted in a public park during the 99% of the full moon resulted with no success at all.

Clustered Column 2: PiARS achievement during the New Moon Phase.


Meanwhile the Clustered Column 2 shows an investigation were conducted in 4 different sites during the new moon and there are 2 investigations were conducted in the same site. Interestingly, this Clustered Column 2 shows that the achievement considered to be high during the new moon. Nevertheless, there was no consistency in achievement success that shown by the investigation that conducted in the Jungle site which is only 1% of full moon differences that give us the impression that new moon have no impact on ghost research.

Clustered Column 3: PiARS achievement during the non new and full Moon Phase.


However, Clustered Column 3 shows that the percentage of PiARS achievement is higher during the times in between the full and new moon. Nevertheless, the achievement success also suggests that the achievement has nothing to do with the percentage of full moon of the moon phase, for example the investigation result in the Jungle site showed a distinct difference although the full moon difference was only 2%, which  suggested that there are other factors that determine the achievement success in ghost research. 

What has the 1 year research found?

Interestingly, based on the analysis of the percentages of PiARS achievement during the full moon, new moon and the time in between, it is suggested that the moon phase has no impact on ghost research. Furthermore, the research findings have proof and suggest that:-

1. The Moon Phase has no impact on ghost research.

The Line Chart below indicates that the paranormal investigation achievement success pattern shows a negative relationship. Furthermore, during the full moon the achievement is below 20% based on PiARS. Meanwhile, during the new moon, the achievement also below 20% accept for the investigation that was conducted in a public park where were the achievement is above 30% and in the jungle where the achievement is almost 40%. However, the achievement patterns suggest that there is no constant relationship between the achievement patterns and the moon phase.

Line Chart 1: Correlation between PiARS achievement and Moon Phase.


2. Depleting paranormal achievement success over time.

In fact, based on the investigation database, investigations that have been conducted almost a year since 2007 show another interesting fact which is the percentage of the PiARS achievement over time that portray depleting success as shown in Line Chart 2.

In addition, in October 2007 the percentage of the PiARS achievement is almost 70% and in July to September 2008 almost a year's difference showing how the achievement has greatly been reduced to below 10% and 0%. Therefore, the depleting percentages of PiARS achievement over time confirm that there are other major factors that may determine the best time for ghost research.

Line Chart 2: Percentage of PiARS achievement over time.


In fact, the PiARS achievement from the investigation conducted at a historical site shown in Line Chart 3 below shows a distinct depletion of PiARS achievement success from almost 70% in October 2007 to below 10% in August 2008.

Line Chart 3: The depleting achievement over time at the Historical site .


Another good example of the depleting PiARS achievement over time  is the investigation that had been conducted in a Jungle shown in Line Chart 4, which shows how in Nov 2007 the PiARS achievement was almost 60% and in Aug 2008 the achievement resulted in 0%.

Line Chart 4: The depleting achievement over time  at the Jungle site.


3. Other factors that determine the achievement at different sites.

Column Bar 1 shows achievement differences in paranormal ghost research over time at 8 different sites. Interestingly over time, achievement at certain sites shows PiARS achievement differences. At the Historical Site for example, achievement over time has been noticeably reduced, and this includes the Jungle site too as shown in Line Chart 1 and Line Chart 4 above.

Column Bar 1: Sites percentage of PiARS achievement over time.


Nevertheless, the researcher has observed that these achievement differences have provided the opportunity to  realise the possibilities of other factors that may greatly contribute or have great impact on the achievement success in paranormal and ghost research.  Among other factors that the researcher has identified are:

3.1 The presence of a nearby spirit portal.

Based on the researcher's experience in conducting paranormal investigation, the researcher has come to realise that  certain areas have active spirit activity due to the existence of a nearby spirit portal. For example, the researcher had identified a spirit portal in the Jungle site covering a small area that had generated uneasy feelings in the researcher i.e the feeling of being threatened .

However, the researcher had conducted 2 investigations at the same spot that had brought about success in documenting spirit activity. Furthermore, when an investigation was conducted far from the spirit portal, the achievement success was reduced significantly. In fact, the last investigation that was conducted 200 meters away from the spirit portal had resulted in 0% investigation success.  Unfortunately, not all paranormal investigation sites have a spirit portal.

Nevertheless, most of the time the presence of a spirit portal can be indentified through the radiation of energy vibration that causes us to have uneasy feelings. However, as the spirit portal may only cover a small area,  we will feel the uneasy feelings being removed or reduced as we go away from the spirit portal area. Therefore, understanding the psychology of the spirit is very important. In fact, the uneasy feelings generated by the spirit portal can be considered a warning that we are not welcome. Hence, what should we do? In this regard,  it is our responsibility to tell the spirits why we are there and who we are followed by showing respect and reverence towards those spirits.

3.2 The degree of inter-acceptance .

Understanding of the degree of inter-acceptance between the researcher and spirits during ghost research is one of the most crucial rules. In fact, when a spirit is reluctant to welcome us, the degree of inter-acceptance will be turned down or closed which then causes us to either feel abandoned, or to feel as though we are being chased away by the uneasy feelings generated from the spirit energy. In line with this, the researcher would like to point out that the degree of inter-acceptance plays a big role in paranormal investigation during the non-conducive time to conduct a paranormal investigation for example, the paranormal investigation that the researcher had conducted at the school ground had shown 56%  PiARS achievement as the researcher who serves at the said school may have been well known among the spirits.

Therefore, by putting effort to show kindness, respect and reverence not only will enable us to send out our love towards spirits but it will also enable us to merge with our inner soul that will further enable us to be being accepted by those spirits because being human or spirit, we are bonded by universal love. In addition, the universal love code only can be defined by the true self which is the soul in us that connects with others at the higher dimensions in different levels of love through the nature of relationships.

3.3 The gentle touch of inner soul.

The gentle touch of the inner soul simply means the explanations of our true nature. However, this gentle touch does not mean it is limited to the actual concept of who we are but also it is determined by our ability to merge with our inner soul by understanding the concept of mind-body-soul that becomes the key to gathering our knowledge into a single existence in the presence of the pure energy of love.

Furthermore, when we apply the mind-body-soul concept through meditation, only will we renew our mind but we also will be able to touch the  inner soul of others including those of spirits  through pure energy radiating from our inner soul that consist of love. Nevertheless, if we fail to understand even our own selves then  we don't need to think of touching others with pure love but instead we may declare  'war' and, this is very unhealthy in ghost research because it may generate negative energy that further summons low level spirits.

3.3 Understanding human nature in spirit existence.

Understanding that spirits  are also human that  behave exactly like you and I will not only make it easier for us to accept their existence but will also make it easier for spirits to accept us.

Meanwhile, most of us may think that all spirits can fly or even pass through a door and walls but the truth is that this ability is almost impossible for them to do so as they have been conditioned to live in a physical body while living in the physical world so much so that all along, their movements have been limited by the fundamental nature that governs the 5 senses.

Therefore, living in the physical body that becomes the 'outer shell' of our personality becomes the norm even to spirits at the higher level of existence. However, when our personality the inner soul is released from the outer shell, the experiences, emotions and thoughts remain as unique geomagnetic fields. Unfortunately, the intelligence which is retained may give negative impact on our existence on a higher plane of existence.

In addition, due to the fact that the soul has been used to living in physical body while on Earth therefore, they still preferred to have a 'body'. Thus, the soul creates a 'body' of energy that usually people will see as 'copy' of the Earthly body of a person.

Hence, the preference to have a 'body' and retaining all human qualities are efforts that spirits continue their lives as normal as possible at the higher plane of existence without the physical body they had on Earth by creating a new 'body' that is similar to their body in the physical world. Unfortunately, putting back their 'Earthly body' at the higher plane of existence will only limit the freedom they gained through the transition from the physical into the spirit realm.

Therefore, in line with this, we need to put the law of human nature in ghost research to bring about new dimension in our understanding of the spirit nature in paranormal investigation which tells us that, although spirits have attained the freedom of movement but when they make an effort to put back their 'body' into life at the higher plane of existence, then they are only putting back the limitations that were supposedly to have been released during the death process. In that way, they will lose their ability to walk through solid objects.

However, by understanding such limitations, spirits may change their existence from one form to another to suit their needs in movements. Therefore, paranormal investigations conducted outdoors by Malaysian Ghost Research  found that spirits in the physical world followed the law of human nature by following a pathway in the jungle and not by just simply walking through  bushes.

Therefore, it is logical that when we conduct paranormal investigation such as in a jungle, our investigation focus should be a pathway or open area where the investigators themselves can access the place. And, if a home the focus of the video camera should be the door ways or the place where the living can access.

In addition, seeing a spirit walking through a wall or doors and vanish from the scene is just to explain the nature of the spirit world that exists in the form of energy which is the reflection of our own dimension. Furthermore, the vision may also explain the overlapping dimension that overlaps into our domain yet the parallel dimension setting may  not exactly be the same  as our own dimension due to quantum mechanics.


The question of what the indicators of a good reference are to determine the best time for ghost research has been solved through a 1 year research (since 2007) by the Malaysian Ghost Research that has not only found that the moon phase has no impact on ghost research especially in Malaysia that happened to be located at the equator, but also has given us the opportunity to observe other factors that contribute to the achievement success in ghost research.

Hence, these research findings emphasise that the moon phase is not qualified to be the best reference in ghost research especially when it involves ghost research in Malaysia that is located at the lower latitude.


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