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Understanding paranormal events.

27 December 2014 02:47:46 am  by Augustine Towonsing


Every corner of our life has a dark side that becomes the sources of our fear that we label as paranormal because we lack understanding or knowledge of it. In fact, even a real ghost orb has its own dark side that most of the non-professional ghost hunters didn’t realize, that leads them to proclaim the orb dust related to the environment to be a ghost orb. Similarly in our daily lives, we tend to label certain events that do not take place in the natural order or beyond our knowledge as ‘paranormal’. In fact, the word ‘paranormal’ comes from the words ‘para’ and ‘normal’ that simply means beyond, and normal. So, the terminology ‘paranormal’ actually means something that is within our knowledge, the normal scope of scientific explanation. Perhaps, we label certain events that do not take place in natural order as ‘paranormal’ because we have no explanation about what is going on.

we tend to label certain events that do not take place in the natural order or beyond our knowledge as ‘paranormal’

Why there are paranormal events? 

To this date, there are many paranormal fields that humans have already explored and gained some knowledge about such as the mysteries of the universe, the ocean etc. However, the mystery surrounding death is something normal and happens every day, yet many do not understand what is beyond death. In fact, people tend to label strange events that are related to ghost activities as ‘paranormal’. Whereas professional ghost researchers label them as in ordinary events that are related to ‘ghost communication’ that continue to communicate with the living. Therefore, paranormal events are linked to our existence that stimulates our inner self to gain the knowledge about the dark side of our life such as the mystery of death which is unknown to us but the truth is beyond death.

Not only has the mystery of death become the source of our fear but also has arisen our doubts regarding the dead who continue to attempt to communicate with us from the spirit world by returning to the physical world. Therefore, in understanding the dead through wireless communication from the other side, the ‘interest of understanding’ actually has been implemented for a long time by the mediums and witches. However in modern days, there are many who have become ghost hunters. In fact, earlier research on documenting the voices of the dead is believed to be as early as 1920 by Thomas Edison. Therefore, there are thousands who call themselves ghost hunters as a step forward to resolve the unexplained events and to claim that they are able to remove pesky spirits.

Do the Ghost Hunters and the Ghost Researchers are same? 

However in my understanding, the ghost hunters and the ghost researchers in fact are 2 different groups, even though the term ghost hunters may also refer to the ghost researcher. Nevertheless, ghost hunters are more likely to give the impression of those who hunt for a ghost and practise the removal of pesky spirits whom they consider demonic. Meanwhile, those call themselves ghost researchers are those who  carry out documentation; they do not seek for ghosts but document the existence of the spirit of dead, and neither do they conduct the removal pesky spirits but they simply learn to understand the psychology of the spirits and implement healthy communications. Therefore, we are the International Ghost Hunters Society (IGHS) community who do not seek for spirits but only to document their existence because we do not want to remove them but rather to implement respect and reverence towards them.

We conduct paranormal and ghost research just to understand better what is beyond the 'paranormal' term.

Furthermore, ghost hunters seek for ghost during their paranormal investigations and the main aim is to achieve great success. However, their investigation most of the time meets with failure and ends up meeting with low level spirits. These ghost hunters’ objective is to seek ghosts, and to achieve their aim, they conduct rituals to call the ghost, or use the Ouija board, crystal ball and whatever tools that can attract the ghost without realizing that most of the time the ghosts that are summoned malevolent spirits. However, the ghost researchers’ main aim is to document the existence of the spirits and only to implements respect and reverence towards the spirits of the dead, and more often than not, they tend to end up achieving great success.

The key to understand the paranormal events. 

I would like to point out that the bright side of the paranormal events is the normal events. Therefore, to understand the existence of the spirit of the dead we first have to understand the nature of the living. One’s personality is survive death as Thomas Edison said “If our personality survives, then it strictly logical and scientific to assume that it retains memory”. Therefore, to understand the dark side of our own existence, we have to understand the brighter side of our existence which is the living and ourselves. However, most of the non-professional ghost hunters fail to understand the existence of the spirits of the dead because they do not apply their understanding on the nature of the living during their paranormal investigations or perhaps because of their prior perception that ghosts are demonic.

Why do we conduct paranormal investigations? 

First of all, the main aim why we conduct paranormal investigations is to explore and to gain knowledge about things that happened that is considered abnormal. However, most of the time we tend to forget our main aim when we become famous, the alter ego that is imbedded within our inner self tend to make us seek for glory rather then to document the existence of the spirits of the dead that is supposed to give impact on our awareness towards the field investigations surroundings that tend to produce ghostly anomalies. In my opinion, once we lose our respect and reverence towards the dead, we are already doomed for failure.

I realize that there are many ghost hunters out there who are involved in paranormal investigations but still lack understanding, simply because they put so much importance on becoming popular rather than to learn and understand the valuable information from their research findings. In fact, the research findings on the mystery surrounding death should lead us to humility that releases our emotional baggage, conflicts, increases our love for each other and creates awareness of the spiritual growth that helps us to continue life in the world of light. The professional paranormal investigator is the frontier for people to seek help when they encounter paranormal events. However, the non-professional ghost hunters who claim that they are professional but sometimes when they themselves have no clues to their huntings, they suddenly would turn back and ask the people following their huntings for their opinions instead.

To be the professional paranormal investigations. 

Therefore, a paranormal investigation does not guarantee success if we don’t understand and learn the basics of success, which is failure. If we understand the truth behind the failure and what causes the failure in our paranormal investigations, then we have already on our way to the bright light. Understanding failure is the key to understanding success. Therefore, in order to understand the existence of the spirits of the dead in paranormal investigations, we need to understand the variety of the energy patterns that are generated by the spirits, and to evaluate this energy we need to understand the variety of the ghostly anomalies that are related to the environment which is the dark side of the existence of the spirits of the dead. We need equal knowledge to understand the existence of paranormal events; to understand the existence of the spirits of dead we must first understand the nature of the living, and in order to understand better what happen beyond death, we must understand the nature of the spirits of dead.


I believe that we not only need to understand the grieving circle when we lose our loved ones but we also need to understand the ‘grieving circle’ in paranormal investigations that results from failures. Understanding failures is the key to success because each failure is the dark side to success. Therefore, to be a professional paranormal investigator, we need to understand the courses and sources of paranormal events and not the events itself. The key is, when we fail to understand certain paranormal events, we just need to look either on the bright side or on the dark side because, the cause and the impact will give us the answer; in other words, there will no longer be any paranormal events in future because we will definitely have the answer to explain what is supposed to be unexplained through positive attitude and positive thinking.


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This article has been revised on 27 December 2014. This article also have been published under the IGHS newsletter: Newsletter, November 11, 2006 inline with 20,538 readers.

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