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06 March 2023 12:43:48 AM

Slow flying moth.


The Basic Signature Of Flying Moth

06 March 2023 by Augustine Towonsing

These images were taken from a video recording frame that has captured an example of flying moth in different positions based on the distance of the video camera. Moreover, this chiefly nocturnal insect having two pairs of broad wings covered in microscopic scales. However, this type of insect although has the ability to fly yet the flapping wings action is much slower compared to those insects that have a small and short wings.

Therefore, when this type of insect captured on slow shutter video recording it will generates images that can be seen as below. The flapping wings the create image with its both edges having jigged appearance. Hence, the keyword 'wing' and 'flapping' are the basic key to differentiate spirit energy and the night insect that were recorded on slow shutter video.

Moth from a far.

Slow flying moth.

Moth flying.

Moth approaching.

Moth circling...

Moth hitting the camera...

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